Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Sweet Not Spooky Halloween

 I am a big fan of sweet NOT spooky Halloween decorations.

I cringe when I see some of the scary decorations out in stores.  I don't like scary movies either.  Our family is definitely on board with all the cute, friendly cats, ghosts, bats and pumpkins.  We'll will always skip out on the scary aspect of Halloween.

It's fun to collect sweet Halloween things each year.  I don't buy a ton of stuff every holiday.  My motto is: Only buy things you LOVE for your home.  This goes for home decor and for holiday decor.  I am always editing my stash of stuff so that I am decorating with and enjoying our very favorite things.

Here are some Halloween favorites: (I'll put all the links at the bottom of the post!)

1. Mini Pumpkin Waffle Maker
I saw this on Amazon and knew I had to have it.  It's so cute.  It makes individual sized waffles with a waffle imprint on one side.  Won't this be fun for Fall breakfasts and breakfast for dinner from now through November!?!

2. Halloween Books
Each year I like to add a couple new books to our home library for the holidays.  I love doing our daily book club at home with holiday books and having a basket in our playroom devoted just to holiday books.  These are some new and old favorites from our Halloween library.

These are two new favorites this year.  Pick a Pumpkin is a gorgeous book with tons of things to spot on every page.  My kids love it and it brings up lots of good conversations about what makes up the perfect pumpkin.

The ABCs of Halloween is really cute.  Both kids love it.  They point out the letters and the illustrations are really sweet.

3. Halloween Fun
We love these plastic pumpkins for collecting candy.  They're $1 at Walmart and hold up really well.  My kids picked out new ones to match their costumes this year.  Any guesses on what they'll be??

Olive didn't need new Halloween pjs this year and Fletcher picked out these.  I'm surprising the kids with this Toy Story of Terror DVD for our next road trip.  They're going to love it!  It's only $6.99 right now!  Link below.

4. Halloween decor
My kids insisted we pick out a blow up for the yard this year.  I picked out this cute gift tag to give to Olive's teacher with a Fall present.

4. Fabric Pumpkins
I wrote a whole post on these here.  They're the ideal decoration when you've got little ones at your house.  They're also a great addition of pattern, texture and color to your decorations.

5. Halloween Outfits
I'm not a big fan of holiday clothes for myself.  However, I LOVE them for my kids.  Cat & Jack from Target and the kid's line from Meijer always come through for me.  These are both Cat & Jack and available in stores right now.  My kids picked them out and love them.  Aren't they sweet!?!

6. Mums
I love to buy real pumpkins and mums to decorate my porch in the Fall.  Olive picked these mums out for me.  I also picked up her t-shirt at Old Navy recently.  They've got really cute casual tees for girls that have a scoop hem.  I love this mustard color for Fall.

Here are my amazon affiliate links for my favorite SWEET Halloween things:
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  1. You should check out the book The old lady not afraid of anything. It’s really cute my boys loved it.

  2. I love the waffle machine is good for even past Halloween....into Thanksgiving!!!

  3. I love fun Halloween decor, and have never been a fan of the more spooky stuff. Now that the kids are teens we have added a few more scary things to the mix. I had a big adjustment when we lived in England. Over there, they really don't have "cute" Halloween decorations. Everything is witches and ghouls.

  4. I like a good mixture of both sweet and spooky! That waffle maker is so fun. I need one! I can’t wait to see what their costumes are!

  5. I don't like spooky stuff either!
    I just added that waffles maker to my cart! I NEED it :) did you see the heart one too!

  6. The spookiest I get for Halloween is watching Hocus Pocus, haha. We also love pumpkins and black cats!


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