Monday, September 16, 2019

12 Mom's Night Out Ideas

I've gotten to join in and help plan several Mom's Night Out get togethers this past year.  They've all been so much fun and a great break from my usual routine.  I'm thankful to have fun friends in my neighborhood, my side of town, in my mom's group and at church.  I'd love to do more of these as my kids are getting older.  It seems easier to slip away in the evenings than it was when they were tiny. 

We usually plan things around dinner time, the event lasts 2-4 hours, we put on a cute outfit and some bright lipstick for a change.  These have been some of our best of MNO ideas:

1. Make reservations to a new restaurant in town and ride together.
2. Go to a canvas or front door sign painting party
3. Shop together and then grab dinner afterwards
4. Go to a PTO meeting and grab dinner/drinks afterwards
5. Buy tickets for a local production and grab dinner
6. Dinner & a movie
7. Take a little road trip to find some favorite spots in a new city nearby
8. Dinner and a mom's group meeting with a guest speaker
9. Lunch at a local winery
10. Favorite things exchange
11. Holiday themed gathering - gift wrapping, cookie exchange, ornaments, etc.
12. S'mores & Succulents

Saturday night I met several friends from my mom's group at a friend's house for s'mores and succulents.  I'd been looking forward to this for weeks.  We didn't have to bring anything (which was really sweet!!).  My friend Allison planned it all!  I had a fun day with my family, watched football together, went on a walk, made dinner and then headed out to meet up with friends.  I just love the after dinner get togethers.  I can get away and then come home to a quiet house.  Kevin's awesome to take care of bath time, clean up and bed time.  Yay!!

I was really excited about all the s'more combinations.  I've always wanted to try a s'more with a pb cub.  It was amazing!

Look at this darling set up!  6 different fancy s'more recipes to try.  I made a classic s'more and a pb cup s'more.  I think the classic is still my favorite, but I'm definitely up for trying new formulas.  I wish that I would have had room to try one more.  It was fun to see everyone trying the different combinations.

Look at this sweet charcuterie board.  I've got to start adding dried apricots to my boards.

Allison set up this succulent planting station.  We got to decorate our pots with paint markers.  I did gold polka-dots all over and then planted my plant.

 What a fun night!!  I smile every time I look at my potted succulent in my kitchen window.

I also really love eating at special restaurants with adults only - date night or MNO!  It's just fun to eat and have some fun, uninterrupted conversation :)

What's your favorite thing to do with your friends for a night out?  Give me some new ideas!


  1. One of our favorite things is to get together AFTER kid's bedtime at someone's house and just watch a TV show, snack and chat. Then we all head home and go to bed. We usually show up in our pajamas and just hang low-key. It's wonderful.

  2. What a super cute, creative idea for a mom's night out!! I can only imagine how delicious that PB cup s'mores was!! I need to organize a mom's night out with some friends. I am pretty terrible about being a recluse at night..I need to get out and about every once in awhile- I know it would be SO fun!

  3. Oh what a fun idea! I would have never thought of doing something so cute! The smores idea would be cute for a birthday party also.

  4. Those are all such fun things! I really need to make more time for moms night out! It’s great to connect with other moms!! I love the s’mores and succulents idea!! I’ve been wanting to try other things on my s’mores, but just haven’t yet.

  5. Visiting from H54F:). Love those ideas-and what a cute smores bar! I'm going to suggest this to my girlfriends:)


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