Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Olive 6 // Fletcher 3

I haven't done a specific kid milestone/update post in ages.

I love looking back at them so I've got a new one to share today.  Neither kid has an official baby book; just this blog to document their milestones.  Both kids have such different personalities.  It's fun to see them coming into their own likes/dislikes, preferences and leanings.  They're such great kids!  I keep a running list of funny things they do or say in my phone so I don't forget them.  I try to type them out ASAP when they happen.

Olive // Age 6
Olive marches to her own drum.  She is interested in what everyone is up to, but picks and chooses her own favorites.  She's very independent.  She asked to have some pencils in her backpack so she could get her homework done on the bus.  She's a leader.  Olive loves art, loves playing with Barbies, loves healthy food, loves salty snacks and thinks chocolate ice cream is the best.  She's reading and writing more and more every day.  She loves headbands, rainbows, unicorns, Fly Guy books, her Kindle tablet, riding her bike without training wheels and Legos.  It's so fun to watch her grow.

#oholive moments from the last year

I offered to sign her up for running club at school.
Her response was That sounds awful!!!

We were driving down the road a few weeks ago and she said, Mom, I've finally decided what I'm going to be when I grow up.  I'm going to be an artist that paints memories for people.  You know like vacation, beautiful places, and happy things.  She's now bouncing back and forth between an art teacher and an artist who paints memories.  I assured her that she could do both and she said MIND BLOWN!!  haha

She saw a sign for Buy Buy Baby when we were out of town.  She asked about the store.  I explained that it was a store to buy baby products.  She chuckled and said, Oh I thought it was like BYE BYE BABY!  Why would someone want to say BYE to their baby!?!  

She's always asking big questions about who she's going to marry, having babies, her career, college and wanting to know all the details about getting older.

She came home from school and said Some kids were making fun of my coloring calling it scribbles.  I told them to give me a break because I AM STILL LEARNING.

She realized that it was Sunday and said IT'S PAY DAY!! for her allowance

Hey, Mom - How do you get those rings in your nose??  I'm thinking I'd like that one day.

Something is trying to float my boat.
It's a popsicle.  I really want one.

Olive does not love wearing socks and tennis shoes.  She'll finally agree to wear them to tennis and on her PE days at school.  But she gave me a run for my money about them for years.  One day when she was feeling really big feelings about it she pulled out her kid's Bible and said, Look right here mom.  It says people do not have to wear socks and tennis shoes IN THE BIBLE!!" as she points to an illustrated Bible story with the characters only wearings sandals.

She told me she was nervous for a girl in her class because she had to have surgery to get her "tinsels" taken out.

When she was taking swimming lessons she told me she was done with it because her teacher kept sinking her and she was getting tired of it.

Olive was up too late yet again.  I reminded her she had to go to sleep and start by closing her eyes.  She said, Sorry Mom.  I just can't fall asleep early.  That is just the way God made me.

What kind of clouds are those?
Me: Puffy clouds?
Eyeroll.  No I mean like, are they cumulus??

I want some lonely time.

There's only one annoying thing about school. 
My teacher keeps singing this letter song over and over again.
I mean I could do the ABCs with my eyes closed so I hope she stops doing that soon.

Fletcher // Age 3
Fletcher loves all food.  He compliments my food all the time and loves to eat.  He is very snuggly.  He's always touching me, always nearby and is very chatty when we're out and about.  He has started naming people his friends and is captain chaos always jumping, diving, running into things and having near miss accidents.  He had his 2nd ER visit to get 4 staples in his head and has quite the scar to prove it.  He loves to swim, play outside, ride his bike, play with vehicles, loves policeman and is all boy.  It's fun to watch him grow!

Funny Fletcher moments:

Side note: Fletcher seems to talk about twice as much as Olive in a given day.  He's got so much to say, so many questions and rarely stops talking, singing, asking questions.

You never compromise.
what he says to me in response to him not getting his way

I was wonderin... is the start of every question he has.

Promise me, Mom.
Anytime he's doing something new or unfamiliar he makes me promise him something.  Promise it won't hurt, promise it'll be fine, promise I can do it

He now warns all his friends that it is very possible to crack your head open when we're at the playground.

I was tucking him into bed one night, he patted my arm and said
You're a good woman, Mama!
I about died.

Daddy should drive a garbage truck because he is SO stinky.

Doctor: Who's your best friend? @ his 3 yr well check


Daddy gassed up the place (any time it's smelly anywhere we go haha)

Dang it!!
Fletcher we don't say that.
Mom, it just means I love you.

See you later SUCKERS!!
as we pass someone on the interstate

Ca-bew-mer = any military vehicle
pack pack = backpack
gorilla = granola
gorilla bar = granola bar
yo-get = yogurt
Favorite Kid Pictures:

How do you record your kid's milestones and funny stories??


  1. Your kids are amazing!! Isn’t it just incredible how different two little people can be- who came from the same parents?! God is so awesome like that!💛

  2. Reading this seriously made my day! I hope one day Matt and I are blessed with children!


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