Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  This week was a bit of a wild one.  We had some sickness to deal with, a road trip with just me and the kids, Kevin was out of town and some more sickness.  Thankfully, we're all feeling pretty good now and ready for a fun weekend.  We're hoping to watch some football, I have a Mom's Night Out planned with friends and we may go apple picking if the weather cooperates :)

Favorite Moments of the Week:

Family walks in the evenings.

Sick Day #1.  Fever and a cough/cold kept Olive home one day last week.  Fletcher was thrilled :)

Olive was named the first character award winner in her class this year!  She won the award last year for honesty and this year she was nominated for respect.  She was THRILLED.  They announce the winners on the morning announcements and she was so excited to hear her name called.  She got her picture taken, went to a cookie & punch reception and then gets her picture and write up posted outside of her classroom for the month!  We're so proud of her.  Her teacher told me she was the obvious stand out for the first award and that she could easily have been nominated for any character trait.  Makes me so happy to see her thriving and standing out in a good way in her classroom.  Sometimes I feel a little sad about how fast the kids are growing, but there really are special things to celebrate and enjoy with every season of parenting.

Road trip!  Kevin was out of town last weekend so I planned a fun getaway with the kids.  We headed two hours south to stay with my parents.  We got to see my sister & brother.  She just moved into a new house.  It was fun to see her new place, eat a delicious dinner and hang out with my parents.  The kids did great on the drive thanks to some new movies to watch, yummy candy and great weather.

Target!  We stopped in Target to stock up on Fall/Halloween goodies.  We're set!  I'll have to do a round up post on that soon.  We also got to check out a new Homegoods store.

My mom got the house all decorated for Fall.

We went to church and some of our favorite restaurants while we were in town.  My high school pastor has moved back to town to become the head pastor.  It was really fun to see him!

Unbreakable pumpkins.  I wrote a post on Monday about them.  Spoiler alert: They're my new favorite.  I really love the felt and velvet ones.  I haven't done any Fall decorating except for these new pumpkins.  Maybe when the temps finally go below 90 I'll be more in the mood for pumpkins.

Kevin came home with souvenirs for all of us from his conference in Chicago.  He picked out really cute tees for both kids.  I was super impressed because they are the right size for both kids and are colors/designs/soft tees that both kids would have picked out for themselves.  #1 Dad!  He brought me hotel pens.  I love grabbing them whenever we travel because they're fun reminders of our adventures.

It was apple week in Olive's class.  I volunteered to do an apple taste test.  I chopped 4 different kinds of apples for each kid to taste, packaged them in individual bags and sent them to school.  I added this cute apple ornament for Olive's teacher.  She loved it!  Target Dollar Spot for the win!

We hadn't been to Sams in ages so we did a BIG Sams run this week.  Fletcher wanted to show off his climbing skills as I grabbed a cart.  He looks so grown up all the sudden!  It's also gotten so much easier to take him places.  He walks with me, stays with me, is helpful and outings aren't nearly as stressful as they used to be with a 2 year old.  It doesn't hurt that he's munching on a $1 soft pretzel as we stroll the aisles of Sams.

Fletcher had science class this week.  We go twice a month with friends and it's wonderful!  He learned a lot and loves spotting these Coke bottles around town.  We're gearing up for a big coke festival in a couple of weeks so many businesses have themed coke bottles painted outside of their buildings.  Fletch calls them Coca bottles :)

Sick day #2.  Olive woke up yelling for me about 11:30pm Tuesday night.  She'd gotten sick everywhere, spiked a fever and had a really rough night.  We were worried about her.  She went to bed totally fine around 9 and then was so sick just a little bit later.  I didn't sleep much that night checking on her, let her sleep in and she woke up like this!  What a blessing!  She said she felt much better than the night before.  We took it easy and she was back to school after a day at home.

Hope you had a great week!!  Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday :)

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  1. Happy Friday! Yay for Olive’s character award! It doesn’t surprise me at all!! I’m so glad y’all are feeling better - have a lovely weekend. :)

  2. Aw, you know you're raising them right when they are the obvious choice for a character award! That's fantastic. They do grow fast but I have loved so many little things about each stage along the way.

  3. Sickness hit us this week but just looks like a one day thing. The boys are adjusting to school and less rest means less resistance to bugs!

  4. Yuck with the back to school germs! Hope Olive is feeling better! i love your pumpkin collection!

  5. Congrats to Olive for winning her award! I know it really makes you feel proud! I love the unbreakable pumpkins. It has been so hot here in Arkansas that I can't bring myself to even decorate for fall yet. I'm taking a few minutes to read your posts but I am always following via Insta. I love seeing your little family in each season of life. You are always full of such great ideas.

  6. I’m so glad you are all on the mend! Way to go Olive! That is so awesome. A little respect goes such a long way. Mama, you have done so well with that sweet girl. And how great to be able to go back home and spend time with family. Kevin picked out some really cute shirts.


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