Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter Weekending

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a nice Easter weekend.

We got to do a mix of fun things, relaxing things and loved celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus at church yesterday.  It was so nice to have a church home to go to this year instead of visiting new churches like we've done the past couple years.  We spread out the fun all week long - baking, crafts, dyeing eggs, playing outside and more.

We went to our favorite Bunny Brunch at the country club.  It's our 4th year in a row to go.  I love this tradition!  Neither kid was afraid of the bunny.  Both kids loved the brunch food and we all had a really fun time.  We had lots of friends there and the weather was pretty good.  It was a little chilly, but no one complained.  Big kids are fun :)

We played outside, went for a long walk and visited with our neighbors.  The kids even got a surprise Easter treat from one of them.

Bunny Brunch 2018
Bunny Brunch 2017
Bunny Brunch 2016

We enjoyed Easter baskets, Easter food and an Easter Egg hunt at home.  The kids loved all of it.

The kids woke up earlier than usual.  Quickly checked to see if the bunny had come and were so excited to check out their baskets.  I try hard to keep their baskets reasonable and make sure things fit inside their baskets.  They loved all their surprises.  They were most excited about the Play-Doh scissors, candy, new books and the items that Kevin picked out for them (Monster truck & Hatchimals).  Usually I do most of the holiday shopping so it was a fun surprise for him to pick him things he knew they'd love.

We made resurrection rolls (the kids kept calling them Cinnamon Jesus rolls ha!) and they were delicious.  It's such a quick, easy breakfast to make with kids.

We headed to Easter services at our church.  This is the first year in a LONG time that we've had a church home for Easter Sunday.  The past few years we've been visitors still trying to find a church.  We were so excited to get to go to our own church with familiar faces!  The kids love their classes and their teachers and so do we.  It felt like an extra great Easter.

Kevin told me to pack a picnic lunch and we were going on a surprise adventure after church.  Surprises aren't my favorite, but I appreciated him making fun plans for us.  I went along with it and waiting right along with the kids to see what we were going to do.  The first surprise was that Jimmy Johns was closed so we had to go to Plan B.  Grand Traverse Pie Company.  It was delicious and even more fun to eat on their patio.  Then we strolled around campus.

The Easter bunny came and hid a bunch of eggs for the kids.  Both kids got a lot and loved eating the candy treats.

We relaxed, played outside, went for a walk and a bike ride and then I cooked this yummy dinner.  It made me so happy to be using dishes from 3 different grandmas and recipes from some of my favorite ladies.  Everything turned out great.  

We drank lemonade in fancy glasses, had napkin rings for our paper napkins and had a great day.

Easter 2019 was a good one!!  Now I'm ready to take down everything Easter and tidy up my house.


  1. What a great weekend! Your Easter dinner looks delicious - and so beautifully served in those dishes. <3 I felt the same way about the Easter service at our church. It's so wonderful to worship in a place that feels like home! It makes me wonder how amazing it will be to worship in Heaven!

  2. It looks like Easter was extra special this year with sunny skies, lots of treats, and sweet kid's having fun! Enjoy your week!

  3. What a great weekend! It was so great to have some nice weather!

  4. Loved this peek into your Easter! I LOVE your dress! You’ll have to tell me more about that! Your Easter feast looks amazing too. Now I’m hungry!


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