Monday, April 1, 2019

Homemade Chocolate Buttercream

Happy Monday, Friends!!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  We had a really great Spring Break week - enjoyed some time at home, traveled and celebrated our favorite 3 year old.  I'm working on lots of fun posts for you this week.

Top of the list: Homemade Chocolate Buttercream

I decided I'd try to make my own chocolate frosting for the chocolate cupcakes that Fletcher requested.  I consulted my sister, my mom  and Pinterest to come up with a recipe.

You remember my favorite PERFECT BUTTERCREAM recipe from 2014??  It's been my go to icing for almost 5 years.  I love it.  People love it.  I can't recommend it enough.  This recipe is very similar. 

Chocolate Buttercream Ingredients:
 1/2 c room temp butter/margarine (I use margarine)
1/2 c crisco
4-5 c powdered sugar
1/4 t vanilla
2-3T milk (I use 2%)
4 T cocoa powder

Cream together butter and crisco until it's well blended.  Scrape down sides of the mixing bowl.  Add in powdered sugar.  Add in milk on tablespoon at a time until you get the desired consistency.  I like my icing pretty firm so it sets up nicely.   Scrape down the sides again and you're ready to go!  This recipe makes 3-4 cups of frosting.

You can make this icing ahead of time and refrigerate it.

It's delicious on cake, cupcakes, or cookies.  The best part is that it's so easy!

I also have a REALLY delicious chocolate cake mix to recommend for you today.  I picked it up on a whim and it was so good.  I had several people ask me what kind it was.  It's called Betty Crocker  Super Moist Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix.  It's so good!

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  1. Mmmmmmm....that sounds soooo good!

  2. Yammie yammie...look at That lovely faces of your childs too cute....happy week love Ria 💕💕

  3. Thanks for sharing the recipe! I struggle every time I have to make icing! Annster's Domain

  4. Thank you for this recipe!! Buttercream and I are besties ❤️


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