Thursday, April 4, 2019

Fletcher's 3rd Construction Party

We loaded up the party supplies and headed to visit family for the end of our Spring Break.  We celebrated Fletcher's birthday a little early at home and then spent his actual birthday with family.  We had two parties to spread out the fun. 

Fletcher was SO EXCITED for his birthday this year.  He asked for days about opening gifts, who was coming, what the menu was and was curious about all things birthday.  it was really sweet.  He kept reminding us... "Guys it's my birthday!!"

We gave him his own policeman uniform and you better believe he's barely taken it off since.  He couldn't wait until Papaw got home to show him that they matched.  We took some cute pictures of the two policemen together.

We did a nacho bar one night and ordered pizza the next night.  The desserts menu was based on Fletcher's favorites.

My Aldi plants made great centerpieces.

We brought all of our favorite construction toys from home.  The kids had a fun time digging and playing in the rocks.  I bought several bags of those decorative rocks from Dollar Tree and my kids play with them almost every day in the construction site at home.

My mom and I worked hard to shop and prep everything.  I couldn't have done it without her!!  She's the best party planner/helper.  The house looked great and we were ready for the party about an hour early!!

Have you ever seen these tiny street taco shells??  They worked perfectly for feeding a crowd!  I'll definitely be buying them again.

I wrote out construction themed food signs for the Nacho Bar.

The kids love sitting at a kids only table :) W hat a fun crew!

Olive was really a sweet sister the whole birthday weekend.  She was happy to help.  And she even surprised me with a construction themed outfit.  I picked out that green shirt for Fletcher as a back up and she decided she would wear it to be on theme :)

What a sweet birthday boy!!  He sang right along with us and blew out his candle before the song was over.

The weather was really awful for the party with Kevin's family.  Pouring rain and freezing temperatures so we scrapped our plan to grill and be outside.  We ordered pizza and enjoyed some treats.  I didn't take many pictures, but we had a wonderful time.  Everyone fights over Kevin's grandma's no bake cookies.  It's the only menu item that both of my kids requested.  They're delicious and a cookie that I cannot seem to master.  Maybe one day.

Fletcher is so lucky to have four great grandparents on Kevin's side!  Nana & Papa

Grandma & Grandpa - Fletcher thinks Grandpa's cane is the coolest!

We're excited to see what fun adventures we'll have with our favorite 3 year old this year!


  1. What a fun birthday! It's so neat when they start to understand the celebration. What a blessing to have all the great grandparents on your husband's side of the family.

  2. Whitney- you seriously are the BEST.
    It takes so much effort to travel with young kiddos and then on top of that- throw not one but two amazing parties for your little guy! Everything looked delicious! So special to celebrate with family! Fletcher is THREE! Weren’t we just pregnant with our little guys?!! 😊

  3. What a great party! No one does birthdays like you, Whitney!

  4. Happy belated birthday to Fletcher. Looks like he had a good 3rd birthday. I like the theme you went with.

  5. It turned out so cute! I love the digging area!


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