Monday, April 29, 2019

4 Recipes to Use All Those Hard Boiled Eggs

Anyone else have an abundance of hard boiled eggs in their fridge right now??

We dyed a couple dozen and are slowly working our way through them.

I've got some easy recipes to share with you. 

I love hard boiled eggs.  I try to always keep them in the fridge.  I make a batch on the weekends so that I'm set for easy lunch options during the week.  These are my favorite ways to eat hard boiled eggs.  Also, my kids hate hard boiled eggs.  They think they're poison so only the adults eat these recipes at my house.

1. Spinach Salads
Add hard boiled eggs and tons of veggies to a bed of spinach.

2. Deviled Eggs
Halve eggs and remove the yolk.  Put all the yolks into a quart ziploc bag.  Add a squirt of mayo, 2 squirts of mustard, little bit of sugar (all to taste) and mush together until smooth.  Snip off a tiny corn of the bag and fill egg halves.  Sprinkle with a little bit of paprika.

3. Egg Salad
Two hard boiled eggs chopped up.  A squirt of mayo, sweet relish or chopped up sweet pickles, splash of pickle juice and stir until well combined.  I love to eat this salad with Wheat Thins.

4. Avocado Egg Salad
Remember this recipe from March??  I LOVE this easy lunch option.

What's your favorite way to eat hard boiled eggs?


  1. Ben and I love hard boiled egg in our salads.

  2. So many great recipes! That avocado egg salad looks amazing!

  3. my mouth is literally watering :)

  4. I love the idea of using a ziplock bag for the deviled eggs. That would make life so much easier.


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