Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Help Me Establish Our Tooth Fairy Traditions

Friends, I need your help! 

I'm talking to you parents and readers who had fun tooth fairy traditions at your house.  Did your parents do something great for you when you were growing up?  Or did you do some really sweet things for your own kids??

We are entering new parenting territory at my house.

Olive has 2 wiggly teeth.

She's mostly excited about it and has been on wiggly tooth watch for the whole school year.  She says she's a tiny bit nervous for her teeth to fall out.  And if we're being honest, so am I!  I don't like blood and yuck so I'm going to have to be brave about all of it.  As her 6th birthday is quickly approaching, we will no doubt be dealing with losing teeth in the very near future.  I want to be prepared with a good tooth fairy game plan so that I'm not scrambling late at night to make it all up.

I've got tooth fairy questions:
1. What did your kids put their tooth in for the tooth fairy?
2. Did the tooth fairy keep your child's tooth?
3. What did the tooth fairy pay per tooth?
4. Did they leave a note for your kids?

We did a little photo shoot of her baby teeth.  We were both laughing trying to capture those little teeth.

Thank you so much for your help!!


  1. I remember getting $2 bills, or special coins for my teeth. I'm pretty sure I kept my teeth and they may be stored at Mom's still! I just stuck them under my pillow. That's as far as it went. Nothing too special, but the coins are neat to look at!

  2. My mom sewed each of my kids a tooth fairy pillow with a little pocket for the tooth. Most of the time the tooth fairy takes them but Vera just had to have two teeth extracted due to an infection and she asked to keep them and the fairy honored her request. The tooth fairy leaves $5 for the very first tooth and a $1 for everyone after that. Although, Vera got a bit more for those extracted teeth due to the nature of the situation. Take it from me, set an alarm so the fairy is reminded to show up ;)

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  5. Yay Olive! My kids got totally into the tooth fairy, almost always writing her a note. We would leave a trace of fairy dust, on occasion, too. Havalah had a little pillow that hung on one of her bedposts, and Henry had a little wooden box. They always got two dollars in quarters per tooth. I can’t remember now why we decided on quarters, but I can tell you that once or twice someone would lose a tooth right before bed, which left me scrambling to find enough quarters. 😂

  6. I don't get to be the tooth fairy anymore :( They got whatever we had in our wallet. I was terrible about having cash.

  7. how fun!!!! I kept only the first tooth my son lost... not the others. I had a little silk jewelry pouch I wasn't using and that become the tooth pouch. I didn't leave a note because I can't disguise my handwriting well. :-) I think he got $5 for the very first tooth and we talked about how that is a very special tooth and worth more. The following teeth have been $2 or sometimes one of those toy blind bags... which he gets more excited about than money!

  8. My kids get $5 for the first tooth, and then $1-$2 for each one thereafter. The kids have written notes with some of their teeth, and the tooth fairy has responded a few times. They have a tooth pillow that we actually leave hanging on their door or in our living room; they were always a bit freaked out about a fairy entering their room while they were sleeping. :) The tooth fairy has kept all the teeth, but I totally think it would be okay if the kids asked to keep them instead.

  9. Hi friend :) Connor has ZERO interest in the Tooth Fairy. He told me he wants to keep his teeth to show his kids. I don't actually keep them though and hope he forgets. I know this is a milestone and all but I think keeping someone's teeth is so gross.


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