Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Easter Cuties

We had a free moment on Monday afternoon with gorgeous weather and perfect temps.

I decided it would be the perfect time to snap a few pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits.  It's so hard to do this the morning of any holiday.  Opening gifts, preparing special foods, getting everyone fed and dressed and out the door in time for church.  It's a lot and snapping pictures during that time can add stress.  So we took pictures ahead of time and will just enjoy the day when it arrives.  We're going with a pink and blue outfit theme and I think it'll look great.

Do you have your Easter outfit picked out yet?

I dusted off my nice camera and spent 10 minutes snapping pictures.  I know lots of local photographers do Easter mini sessions, but a free backyard photo shoot is just fine for us.  Both kids were motivated to smile and participate for a candy treat at the end.  Fletcher had some attitude about the whole process, but we made it work.  We have a shady backyard full of interesting ground cover + grass.  This time of year it always blooms tiny little lavender flowers.  The kids think they're beautiful so it was fun to snap pictures in this spot.

These individual pictures might be my favorite.

Head lock turned sweet moment.

Olive is looking so grown up.

There was lots of head locks, tackling, arguing, bunny ear throwing and craziness, but I think I captured their personalities at this age pretty well.

Done - ha!!

Olive's Easter dress is from Eleanor Rose last year.
Fletcher is wearing Old Navy jeans and a Polo button down with a Target bow tie.
Bunny ears were from Target this year.


  1. Aww! So cute! I love their Easter outfits! The bunny ears are the perfect touch 🐇

  2. They are too cute :) My mom got the girls their dresses this year and Solon picked out his own shirt ;)! I think it will be nice enough to enjoy them without covering them up with big puffy coats. Fingers crossed :)

  3. You really captured their personalities with these cute. We are going out of town this year for Easter weekend, so we don't have new Easter outfits.

  4. So cute!!
    I miss the whole matching Easter outfits thing, but my older 3 kids are 16,14 and 11...they have long passed that stage! At least my 5 year old still wants to coordinate and match with me ;)

  5. Your kiddos are adorable! Fletcher's smile with clenched teeth is too cute.


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