Monday, April 17, 2017

Hoppy Easter 2017

We had a fun Easter filled weekend.  We stayed home and enjoyed doing things with our little family.  The weather was really warm and there were lots of great things going on in our city.  I had the house all decorated for Easter, finished up my bunny for the front door and we did some Easter crafting.  Read along below to hear about our egg hunts, bunny brunch and Olive talking about wedgies and presents during church.

We went to an Easter breakfast and egg hunt at our local Chick-Fil-A.  It was FREE and so much fun.  The kids got to paint, eat breakfast and see the Easter cow.  We hunted eggs afterwards.

Then my parents came up for the afternoon to see us.  We loved having them visit and were glad to get a chance to show them our new play set and play outside.  The boys worked on some things and we got to introduce them to one of our favorite pizza places.

 Pizza at Twiggy's with my parents

We headed to our annual Bunny Brunch at the country club.  The food was delicious and we all had a wonderful time.  It's fun to be living in the same city and getting to the point where we are creating family traditions of our own.  The Bunny Brunch is one of our favorites.

Both kids loved the food and all the fun things on the table.  Olive loved the bunny napkins that they had at all of the kid's place settings.  We waiting in line to see the big bunny.  The photographer got a family pic and a sibling pic so I'm anxious to see how those turned out.  Fletcher wasn't as excited about his solo bunny picture.  The REAL bunnies are always Olive's favorite thing.  She loved them.  We headed out to the golf course for the egg hunt.  Olive got way more eggs than last year and Fletcher was happy with one.  The weather was gorgeous.  I was super pregnant at the bunny brunch last year so it was fun to think about all the changes that have happened for our family this year.

We headed home for Fletcher to nap and then we decided we'd do our egg hunt at home on Saturday afternoon because it was supposed to be a rainy day on Easter Sunday.  I distracted the kids and Kevin played Easter bunny.  It worked great and Olive collected a TON of eggs.  Fletcher was too little to care about hunting eggs.  He just wanted to play with the ones that Olive found.  

Table #1, Fletcher is one and it was his 1st Easter :)

Olive came bursting out of her bedroom saying THE EASTER BUNNY TEXTED ME TO SAY HE DROPPED OFF OUR BASKETS!!  haha  We began the search for them and quickly found them in the family room.  The kids loved their baskets filled with gardening tools, new books, candy and a few random things.  They played with their new things and had a bunny breakfast.

We visited a church for Easter services.  We sat in the back and tried to keep the kids quiet while enjoying the service.  The bells were lovely, songs were special and then I scooted Olive down to give myself some more room.  She loudly said YOU JUST GAVE ME A WEDGIE MOM! and then Fletcher was being far too chatty for church so Kevin took him out.  We were listening the sermon and the pastor was talking about the presence of God.  Olive turned to me and said WHERE ARE THE PRESENTS OF GOD??  I just smiled and said not that kind of present.  The service was extra long so we all had to abandon ship about an hour in.  Glad we made the effort to go, but it wore us out a bit.

We headed home for a quiet rest of the day.  Indoor egg hunts with empty eggs, rainy weather outside and a super non traditional Easter meal.  Kevin and I agreed that burgers sounded delicious so our menu was burgers, tator tots, deviled eggs and baked beans.  It was yummy!!  We got to dye Easter eggs and bake some treats.  We had a great time celebrating Fletcher's first Easter.

How was your Easter weekend???
Any special memories or extra fun activities??
Any funny stories??
I'd love to hear about them.


  1. What a wonderful weekend! You guys did so much in those few days. So special!

  2. You just gave me a wedgie, baha ha ha ha! Oh Olive she is adorable and hilarious and my girls would just love her to pieces. It looks like y'all had a really great Easter weekend and Olives dress is absolute perfection. The photo of Fletcher with the bunny made me lol. I have always thought those costumes were a bit creepy so I can't blame him one bit for being upset. I hope your Monday is off to a good start!

  3. Sounds so fun! You guys packed in a lot! Thanks for all the chuckles, Olive! What a cutie she is!

  4. Aw such a fun weekend! Olive always cracks me up, and it will be fun to tell her all these stories when she's older. :)

  5. #OhOlive on that one! :) She cracks me up - my sister was the same way at her age, always saying the most hilarious things at the most inappropriate times. It's adorable. :) I loved all your pictures from the weekend. Your country club lunch is such a fun tradition and one that your family can enjoy for years to come!

    We had a funny thing happen at church too - during the very solemn and serious invitation, the organist played the introduction to the song and then started playing the part where everyone sings in a TOTALLY different key. It was very painful on the ears and everyone was confused. She just stopped playing and said really loudly, "Oh! That's my fault! I'm in the wrong key! Let me try that again!" I felt really bad for her - but it was so funny. Paul and I had a good laugh about it later. :)

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  6. Sounds like a busy weekend but lots of fun..Fletcher wasn't too keen on the big bunny..So adorable..Always love Olive's quips...Such a sweet family.. Loved the pictures...

  7. Your kids are so cute! They look like they had so much fun. Except Fletcher with the Easter bunny, lol! Thanks for sharing your family's Easter!

  8. I bet that new swing set is going to get a ton of use this Spring and Summer!

  9. Looks like you had such a fun and special Easter weekend!! I love that you had burgers for your Easter dinner- that's totally something we would do!! Olive is precious in her bunny dress and I love Fletcher's adorable outfit and cute little face when he saw the Easter bunny!!

  10. I don't blame Fletcher a bit, that bunny looked scary. We have a similar swing set and we love it. The biggest hit has been the huge dirt pile my dad brought in. Jack wants to take his tracks and trains outside (which I let him do) and then oh the dirt in the house. I love that y'all are making traditions in your new town. So much has changed for y'all in a year.

  11. I need to break out the cookie cutters more! It looks like you had such a fun Easter!

  12. Fletcher has a mean mug at the Easter Bunny, hahaha.


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