Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Winter Outfit Inspiration

It's gotten COLD in the Midwest.

We wake up to frosty temps almost every day.  We haven't gotten much snow just yet, but I hear it's coming.  I still need to officially switch my closet over to winter.  Pull out my sweaters, cardigans and duck boots.  It's been on my to do list for a couple of weeks now.  I just keep putting it off and pulling out a sweater or two at a time to wear.  Can you relate??

I'm excited to show you some of my favorite cold weather outfit combos today.  They're easy, comfy and cute.  They are perfect for a busy mom on the go who wants to look put together.

I have a few secrets:
1. Old Navy Rockstar Skinny Jeans.  I like the mid rise jeggings and cute booties.

2. Ankle booties.  I love the Lucky brand booties because the quality is amazing.  They come out with a slightly new style every year.  They're such great quality and hold up for years.  I also found a really affordable pair at TJ Maxx this year that I've added into the rotation.

3. Only buy items that you LOVE.
I've been working to eliminate clutter in my closet over the last year.  Only keeping the things that I really love wearing and feel good in.  It makes getting dressed lots easier and I'm always looking for ways to edit my closet down to my favorites.

Matilda Jane.  I love their tops.  Every time I wear this top from last year I get so many compliments on it.  It's a closet staple and it feels special.

Statement sweater.  I picked this up at Style Encore.  It was new with tags and I love it.  It's super soft and an easy way to make a plain outfit interesting.

Wal-Mart puffer jackets.
These Time and Tru jackets are just $20 and are so cute.  I love my black and pink ones.

Mad for Plaid!
I try to pick up a new flannel every year.  This bright one is from Gap Factory this year and it's the best.  It feels festive and fun and is really soft.

Plaid Peplum with bell sleeves.  This came from Loft earlier this summer.  I just love it!

Plaid layers.  I'm on the hunt for a new dark wash denim jacket.  I want it to be soft and lightweight.  That seems to be a tall order.  I haven't found any that I love so I keep wearing this light wash jacket.  It's not my favorite, but I'm making due until I can replace it was a favorite item.

 Ruffles.  Have you seen all the pretty ruffles on shirts this season?? I love this mid arm ruffle and the distressed denim from Old Navy.

Comfy Clothes:
Chances are pretty good if you stopped by my house... you'd see me in my North Face fleece, yoga pants and comfy clothes.  School drop off uniform usually involves yoga pants.  And that Old Navy floral sweatshirt is a favorite.  Throw on some make up and some cute studs and you're set!

What are your go to outfits for Winter??


  1. You are to cute in all your winter clothes. I am loving all the ruffles.

  2. I always love these posts! You look darling as usual! I need to get a plaid shirt - I would love to find a red and blue one like yours. Was it from ON? Havah has the ruffled sleeve top that you showed above. It is her favorite!

  3. Matilda Jane … does it run true to size? Give me the how to shop this brand. Because I love that top, the style and cut is so me.

  4. I'm totally with you on the rockstar skinnies! I feel like we have a similar style!

  5. I LOVE your style friend. It is FUN, classic and EASY. You always look so put together...but nothing you have is fussy or expensive. I love how you mix patterns, colors and textures...LOVE it all!

  6. Love your style! Where do you buy the Matilda Jane tops? Do you think they are true to size? Thanks!

  7. Hello! !
    Today I decorated the Christmas tree. I really enjoyed it! Every year I get very excited, I decorate the Christmas tree and it begins to feel like Christmas. I think this year's Christmas tree is also very beautiful.

  8. Great tips! You always look put together! I am obsessed with Matilda Jane pants. Check out my looks at
    I love my ADV designs earrings and I agree about Lucky booties - the best! I haven’t had much luck with the ON rockstars. The sizing seems off and they have gotten baggie. Maybe I needed to size down?

  9. You are just precious! I love all of your outfits. I’ve been looking for those Time and Tru jackets, but have yet to find them. So cute!

  10. You always look so cute! Definitely agree with only buying items you love and that make you feel good!


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