Tuesday, December 4, 2018

14 Wonderful Christmas Books

I love reading good books with my kids. 

We try to have story time at home every day.  We all look forward to sitting down together on the couch with a pile of our favorite books.  Usually each person gets to pick a couple favorite books and then we pile them up together.  I shuffle them around and we work our way through the pile.

We have a holiday book basket that I rotate monthly or seasonally in the quieter months.  It's fun to change up the reading material.  The teacher in me is thrilled to be sharing good books with my kids.

These are 14 of our favorite Christmas books.  It took me a while to compile a list of all of our very best Christmas books.  They'd be perfect gifts for any young readers in your life.  You'll find a picture from the inside of each book, the title and a quick little summary about why we love the book.

Hope you enjoy a little peek inside each of these books!

Little Blue Truck's Christmas --> Super charming and really cute.  Little Blue truck fans will love this one.  The illustrations are probably my favorite out of all the little blue truck books.  You can practice counting, talk about all the different trees and talk about sharing with this story.

Olive, the Other Reindeer --> Very sweet story about a pup named Olive who thinks he's a reindeer.  The little dog sings, acts like a reindeer and comes in to save the day for Santa.

It's Christmas, David! --> My kids think David is hilarious.  They laugh at all his wild antics and root for him not to get coal.

A Very Merry Christmas Prayer (A Time to Pray)--> A sweet story filled with thankful pages for all the things that come at Christmas time.  The animals are really sweet.  This gives you lots of things to talk about being thankful for during the holiday season.

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas--> We are big fans of Pete the Cat.  His Christmas book does not disappoint.  There's a catchy song and a cute story to follow along with.  He really saves the day!

Fa La La (Leslie Patricelli board books)--> I've been recommending Leslie Patricelli books since Olive was a baby.  We love everything she writes.  The kids really enjoyed this Christmas book as it takes you through all of the Christmas activities.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas: Sing Along With Me!--> A cute, interactive book with really sweet illustrations.  There's a song to download to go with it.

Mortimer's Christmas Manger--> A little mouse is in need of a house.  He finds a manger scene that looks perfect for him.  He doesn't understand who the characters are until one night he overhears the Bible story of baby Jesus.  

An Otis Christmas --> Otis is a tractor and he is eager to help out on the farm.  He's a good friend and he really cares about the people on the farm.  We love reading about how Otis saves the day for a brand new baby horse on Christmas.  It's a bit of a clif hanger that will bring on some great discussions.

One Small Donkey for Little Ones --> The story of the birth of Jesus from a small donkey's perspective.  The donkey doesn't feel worthy compared to all of the bigger, faster animals.  He comes to realize that he's perfect just how he was made.

Song of the Stars: A Christmas Story--> a great board book that tells the story of everyone preparing for Jesus's arrival.  You can really feel the excitement and anticipation in the story.

Fisher-Price Little People: Christmastime Is Here! (Fisher Price Lift the Flap)--> This has been a favorite book since Olive was little.  Both kids have loved the flap book.  There's a scene on each page with tons of flaps to lift.  It's durable and cute.

Construction Site on Christmas Night--> We are big fans of the Construction Site series.  Fletcher and I scoped out this new Christmas book and knew we had to have it.  They outdid themselves by combining all of his favorite construction equipment with firetrucks.  The book is really cute giving thoughtful gifts to all the vehicles.

Mary Engelbreit's Nutcracker--> Olive really loves Mary Engelbreit's books.  The artwork is so beautiful and there is so much to look at on every page.  Her Nutcracker book is no different.  The story is compelling and the characters are easy to identify with.

Whew!  That's a lot of great Christmas books in one post!!  Hope you found a new book or two that peaked your interest this year.

What is your favorite Christmas book??  We're always on the hunt for great new books

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  1. I have such fond memories of the reading the Little People Christmas books with my kids and lifting ALL the flaps. It was such a favorite! Thanks for sharing all your favorite books.

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  3. I love seeing all the books you are reading!!
    Two of our favorites are, The Gingerbread Mouse, and Room For A Little One.

    Hope you have a great day friend!❤️

  4. My Aunt got us that Mortimar's Christmas Manger last year and it's so cute. I love all of these book choices and we have a big basket in our living room full of Christmas books to read all season long.

  5. Great books!! I’m going to have to order Mortimar’s Christmas Manger for our collection!


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