Thursday, December 6, 2018

Florida in the Fall: Our Water Days

I'm finally finishing up my posts about Florida today.  We really did have a great time despite some sickness and little things that came up here and there.  Traveling with kids is always an adventure, but it's definitely worth it.

We went to the ocean a couple of times and the pool a couple of times.  We enjoyed both even though the water was a little cooler than we were used to when we come down in the Summer.

Olive was completely unphased by the cooler water.  Fletcher prefers bath water temperatures at the ocean.  He loved playing in the sand, throwing shells in the ocean and chasing the birds.  There was a little something for everyone.  The weather was gorgeous.

I love a good comparison picture.  Look how big Fletcher has gotten and look how sweet chunky baby Fletcher was back in 2016.

We loved digging through the beach full of shells to pick up our favorites.

I got quite the arm workout carrying Fletcher up and down the beach.

Olive wore her puddle jumper in the ocean for the first time and she was in HEAVEN.  She floated for hours.  We had to keep insisting she come back in.  She'd got out as far as she could touch and lifeguard daddy would help her in.

Dry Fletcher = Warm Fletcher :)  I wasn't kidding about him throwing shells, chasing birds and building sand castles the whole time.

Olive practiced her name, sight words and counting at the ocean.  Pretty fun way to do school!

On our last night we headed for a sunset dinner & swim at the pool.  It ended up being one of my very favorite moments of the trip.  The food and drinks were delicious.  It was so warm.  The sunset was gorgeous and it felt like our kids were growing up.  It was the first time they've been old enough to stay up late to eat and swim.  We hot tubbed, swam, ate and had such a fun time.

Thankful for a wonderful trip and dreaming of our next trip to the ocean.


  1. Love love love this! You have such a sweet family! Thanks for letting us follow along on your birthday trip!

  2. What a fun trip! Calvin loved the ocean this past summer too! Can't wait to go back!

  3. Great photos! Looks like you had an amazing trip!!! Great weather too!

  4. What fun water days!! I’m with Fletcher…give me the warm water! Mason on the other hand, doesn’t care the temperature of the water. He loves it all. Sunsets and palm trees are the most beautiful combination! Love these pictures.

  5. I love the night swimming and it looks like you had a blast. Nothing better than escaping the cold for the beach!


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