Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Merry Christmas from My House to Yours!

Did you send out Christmas cards this year??

I did.  I always have and always will.

Even as postage stamps get more and more expensive.  Ouch!

I grew up sending Christmas cards.  My mom would make my siblings and I pose for Christmas pictures and we were total punks about it.  I'm getting payback now trying to get pictures of my own kids.  She'd send off her roll of film and pray she got one good picture for the cards. She'd pick her favorite picture, glue it in the cards and then we'd all hand write our names in the cards.  We did that every year.  She still sends photo cards today.

So when people say they don't have the time or don't want to mess with Christmas cards I can't relate.  Haha!  It's one of the highlights of December for me. I just love going to the mailbox and seeing who I got cards from that day.  We had the cards printed at Sams because they're so affordable.  We send out a lot and I can't justify the cost of really pricey cards.

We got our pictures taken at a local Christmas tree farm this year.  It's a sweet place.  It was FREEZING that morning so we did our pictures in about 10 minutes.  The kids were super cooperative and it was our easiest family session yet.  We got lots of real smiles, good head shots of everyone and it worked out great.  We were happy with the pictures and happy with our card.  There was a little debate over which family picture was the favorite.  I'll show you all of our favorite pictures.  I can't wait to get them printed and hang them in our house in the coming year.

Wish I could send all of you Christmas cards, but since I can't, Merry Christmas from The Jordans!!

Cutest BFFs.

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  1. I really love the color palette you chose for everyone's outfits! Your pics turned out so pretty with the Christmas tree greenery as your background. I'm with you, I love the whole process of addressing and sending Christmas cards - it's a nice personal touch for the friends and family we only see on the internet the rest of the year! :)

  2. I was so excited when I got yours in the mail! I love the snail mail. I always love seeing what everyone picks out for their card each year.

  3. We didn't. I ordered a few for grandparents but I even sent those out yet. I always have in the past and we loved your card! We will again :)

  4. I love giving and receiving Christmas cards, and it's a tradition I don't plan to give up. Your pictures turned out great.

  5. I was so excited to get your card after your sneak peaks on the blog and IG.

  6. Whitney, Your cards are so cute. I get mine at Costco too, because they are much more affordable and honetly, the quality is just as good as the more expensive online places. I love getting cards too and how now almost everyone has pictures on them. I kinda hate opening one without a pic...I'm like, ehhh. Sounds awful. Sorry!😉

  7. Beautiful card and picture!! I love sending and receiving cards too!

  8. LOVE your Chriatmas card friend! And I agree... it is SO fun to receive cards in the mail and I love sending ours out!! Team Christmas cards forever!!!🎄

  9. You got such great pictures! I love sending cards too!

  10. Great pics of the family. I enjoy sending out cards. I sent a little less this year (about 20) and received six in the mail.


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