Thursday, May 31, 2018

On the Go First Aid Kit

I've been wanting to make a first aid kit for my car for months.

It seemed like such a handy thing to have on to go wherever we go.

With Summer quickly approaching I knew I'd need to stock up on all the first aid essentials for little accidents here and there.  I found the cutest First Aid Kit pouch in The Dollar Spot last week.  It was only $3 and came in a few different patterns.  It zips closed and would easily fit in any mom bag or car console.

These are my first aid kit essentials:

Bandaids of various sizes
Bug Spray
Wet Wipes
Clorox wipes
Neosporin spray
Hand sanitizer

I picked up the travel size of most of those things and filled my kit.  Look at all these cute compartments.  I was impressed!

Now I'm all set for the bumps and scrapes that are bound to happen as we're playing outside more.

Is there anything I forgot to include??


  1. It is so cute! I used to have one in my car, I probably need to gather items for a new one. I do have several of those items already in my car, just not all together!

  2. I love this. I have a big first aid kit in my car, but I think a smaller one like this would be perfect to throw in my bag for when we are out and about!

  3. Great idea! All of these items would be so helpful while you're out and about!

  4. This is an AMAZING idea and one I need to do - ASAP.
    With how much we are out and about during the summer- and how crazy my boys are 🤪🤪- I can’t afford NOT to have a first aid kit with me!!

  5. Perfect! I gave in and just bought a first aid kit on amazon, but I love that you put together your own! I need to make sure I stick bug spray in ours that we keep in the van!

  6. Love this! I have a few friends I'm going to share this with. I need to make sure to put one of these together soon. We needed a bandaid on the go the other day and this would have been perfect. Thanks for the great idea!


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