Tuesday, May 29, 2018

5 Years Old

Happy Tuesday!  Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  It's been HOT in Indiana.  We spent the weekend with family celebrating Olive's birthday.  She had the best time and is loving her new toys.  Watch for some unicorn filled birthday posts coming later this week.

Today at 4:47pm Olive turns 5.

We can hardly believe it.  Life has changed so much since she joined her family. 

Back in 2013 I was teaching 3rd grade and we were living in Salt Lake City.  Olive has been the most portable baby ever.  She's lived in UT, AR, MS and two homes in IN.  She's traveled a ton and loved it all.  She's smart, funny and is interested in so many things.

We're excited to keep celebrating her this week.

Here are a few fun facts about OLIVE KATE:

1. It took her years to grow hair. She barely had any hair when she was two and now it's so thick that I have a hard time washing it.  She's very opinionated about her hairstyles - two buns, two barrettes or one bow.  I just fix her hair like she asks every morning.  She also picks out her own clothes every day.

2. She doesn't like carbonated drinks, LOVES to eat olives and salty snacks.  Her favorite sandwich is a ketchup and mustard sandwich.

3. Olive loves to learn.  She's curious about everything.  She has a great imagination and she's always asking questions.  I can't wait to see what she learns in Kindergarten.

4. Almost every day she asks me if she can perform on a stage one day.  She has strong opinions about everything.

5. She has an amazing memory.  She remembers people's names, places we go and information with ease.

Birthday Interview:

I'm good at:
My bike, my tricycle and painting.

Favorite food:
Green olives and black olives.

Favorite outfit:
Dresses and night gowns.

Favorite thing to do:
I like having a birthday.

Least favorite thing to do:
I really don't like when I break things.

I don't know.  Maybe Notre Dame?

Highlight of your day:
Playing with Bun Bun my bunny.

Favorite color:
Pink and purple and blue

Favorite game:
Emoji Memory

Favorite movie/show:
Inspector Gadget, Spirit, Boss Baby and Despicable Me.

Favorite vacation:
Florida because it has a beach and a pool.

Best friend:

Favorite song:
Proud to be an American.

I want to learn more about:
Making necklaces.

What I grow up I want to be:
 I don't really know yet.  Maybe a dentist for kids?

Happy Birthday, Olive!!


  1. Oh my goodness she is FIVE already?! Happy Birthday Olive!!! I love the interview, super cute!

  2. Happy birthday to your darling Olive!! I remember when she was born! Have a wonderful day today!

  3. Happy Birthday to Olive! It's been really fun to "watch" her grow up through your blog. God has a great plan for her life - it will be awesome to see how He uses her strong, independent spirit! <3

  4. I think it's so great that she loves olives :) Happy Birthday, Olive!

  5. Lucy still has such a small amount of hair so I am hoping she grows thick hair like Olive. I didn't realize you have moved so much in the last 5 years! Happy Birthday to Olive! xoxo ERIN

  6. happy birthday, olive! i love that you love olives ;).

  7. Happy Birthday to Olive! She looks adorable!

  8. Olive's favorite foods are olives. You named her well, lol.


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