Tuesday, May 15, 2018

#OhOlive 5 Year Old Wish List

Olive's 5th birthday is quickly approaching.  She's SUPER excited to have a unicorn party with her cousins and has requested to invited some friends over for her birthday.  She's always been a girl who knows what she wants so I'm happy to help her plan her party.

I thought I'd share some funny #oholive stories and then give you some ideas of what a 5 year old girl might like for their birthday.  I regularly get asked for gift ideas so I hope this helps if you have a five year old to shop for this year.

#OhOlive quotes & stories:

I had a berry hard day of school today.  Playing that xylophone really wore me out.  Think I could have a brownie when we get home?

I want some lonely time! (what she says when she wants to be alone)

Kevin got the kids walkie talkies.  He taught her how to use them.  She walks around saying, Do you read me?  Over.  I'm hiding in my room.  Coffee.  (Coffee = copy :)

I was talking to her about being nice to her friends.  She listened and then said, Good talk, Mom.

I'm positive sure.  (what she says when she's really sure.)

Hey, Mom.  Fun fact:  Everyone has cheeks on their face and cheeks on their butt.

I hope daddy comes home with a T-O-Y for me.  I'd really like that.

Maddox is always so sad.  I wish I could marry him and make him so happy.

I asked my brain to change its mind and it said NOPE not going to happen.

Mom, I'm getting sweet tears!  I saw these little chickadees and sweet tears came to my eyes.  My teacher taught me about them.

She asked what the heart eye emoji meant.  I told her it's what happens when you see something you love.  Mama, I have heart eyes when I think about you.  Then later in the week she came into my room, woke me up and said I have heart eyes for you this morning!

We were playing I Spy while waiting for our Mother's Day breakfast to arrive at Dennys.  It was her turn and she said... I spy something beautiful.  It's YOU!

Shopping for a 5 year old:

Olive is currently wearing a size 7/8.

Loves dresses & night gowns.

She enjoys puzzles with 20-30 pieces, flashlights, games, outside toys, Hatchimals, unicorns & cats.  She loves anything that includes sparkles, playdoh, princesses or accessories.

1. Hot Potato - she played this at school and it blew her mind!  We got this for her

2. Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game - great for counting & fine motor practice.  I've heard this game recommended over and over again.

3. Hatchimals - she has some, but loves collecting them!

4. Butterfly Growing Kit

5. Calico Critters - they are all adorable.

6. Guess Who?  I always loved this game and bet it would be fun to play together.

7. Melissa & Doug bean bag toss game.  Kind of like kid corn hole!?!?

8. Ring Toss - I bet both kids would love playing this game.

9. Me Reader - Olive LOVES the one she has and uses it almost every day.  She really enjoys most books - Fancy Nancy, Nonfiction books about animals, Princess stories, etc.

10.Yumbox - We are huge yumbox fans!  My kids lick them clean every time I pack their lunches in them.  I think it would be nice to have two for her to rotate between since she'll be packing her lunches 5 days a week when K starts in the Fall.  I think she'd want a purple one.

5 year olds are fun to shop for :)

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  1. She is so funny! Coffee instead of copy cracks me up!

  2. This is perfect timing - my niece turns five in July! :) Thanks for the ideas! I've always loved your #oholive posts and this one is equally precious! It seems like Olive is a lovely little mix of sweetness and knowing exactly what she wants. So cute! <3

  3. She is the BEST! Who’s sense of humor does she have - yours or Kevin’s?

  4. Well the clear winner of her quotes is the cheeks on face and cheeks on butts. Bahahahahahhaa! She's so darn funny and cute! Sneaky squirrel is fun, L got for Christmas, and she just got Catch the Fox for bday- super cute. We gave her the butterfly kit for bday and just moved them to the "habitat" so they can emerge soon!

  5. We love calico critters here and Hatchimals are a new favorite too! xoxo ERIN


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