Wednesday, May 2, 2018

May Goals

It's been a few months since I posted anything about goals to work on.  I'm the kind of person who makes a daily to do list and has a hard time feeling accomplished without crossing things off that list.  I make a to do list for the following day every night before I go to bed.  It helps keep me on track and get lots done.

May Goals:

1. Declutter kid clothes.
Sort.  Sell.  Keep.  Donate.  I'd love to start a box of each kid of keepsake clothes.

2. Landscaping.
We're adding in three new areas of plants.  Pick out plants, mulch and care for them.

3. Hang curtains in our bonus room.
We've added a bed and are making a spot for a guest bedroom in the bonus room.  I already have all of the curtains/rods/supplies.

4. Buy plants for all my pots.
We started a new Mother's Day tradition last year - go plant shopping as a family and pick out plants for all of our pots.  Then we came home and planted on Mother's Day.  I loved it so we're doing it again.

5. Finish the semester/school year strong.
Kevin's got finals, graduation details, etc to get through.  Olive's wrapping up PreK with lunches, programs and conferences.

6. Date night.
Make plans with our babysitter for date night.

7. Self Care.
Exercise.  Drink lots of water.  Eat real food.  Make annual appointments for summer.

8. Plan Olive's 5th birthday details.  Think all things unicorn!

9. Map out our summer plans and get things on the calendar.

10. Keep Reading.
I've been reading at least three books a month this year.

I just finished The Better Mom: Growing in Grace Between Perfection and the Mess by Ruth Schwenk.  It was a great read for ALL moms!  I could relate to so much of the book.  I am a perfectionist and tend to like things to go perfectly.  That rarely happens.  This book was really inspiring to look for opportunities to give and receive grace instead of focusing on perfection.  I appreciated Schwenk's mom stories and her perspective.  She was quick to point out that moms try to do it all.  They think everything depends on them and that everything needs to be perfect.  It was nice to hear her reasons why that isn't true.  She points to the importance of building a community to help and support you.  Friends are so important.  Especially friends in your same stage of life.  Schwenk addresses so many lies that moms tell themselves - I'm missing out, Other moms are doing it better, This is too hard, etc.  As a mom, I found myself relating to all of these thoughts.  This book will help inspire you to make your home a place filled with love, comfort and encouragement instead of striving to have the perfect home.  Any mom would benefit from reading this book.
*I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review of it.

What goals are you working on this month?

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  1. Great goals! I know you will crush them!

  2. 1, 4 and 10 are on my list for the month! I hope you reach all your goals!

  3. Love your goals and I am trying to read two books each month, surprisingly it's forcing me to put away the phone and end my day reading which is good! xoxo ERIN

  4. You got a lot going on girl!! But of course, you have it all organized!!! :) I feel like this time of year, end of school, entering into summer is like a 2nd New Year. Does that make sense??? Like it's another fresh start with the change in routine from school to no school and the warmer temperatures. Does that make sense?? Regardless...I LOVE it!

  5. I just requested to read that book, too! I'm definitely struggling with building a mom community, though. Maybe I should make that my May goal. (And June, July, August, etc.) How have you succeeded at making mom friends?


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