Monday, May 7, 2018

Firetruck Festival

Our local fire department turned 150 this year so they put on a really fun firetruck festival for the community on Friday.  We'd been looking forward to it for weeks.  Kevin took this kids since I wasn't able to do a lot of walking on my foot.  They had the best time!!  Kevin snapped lots of pictures so I didn't feel like I was missing out.

The kids learned a ton about fire safety and were so excited to get to go inside the fire trucks.  Both kids got to pretend to drive and get an up close look at the fire trucks. 

Kevin said Fletch just kept saying WOW over and over again.  He was SO EXCITED to tell me all about it when he got home.  He also asked to look back through these pictures over and over again.  I think I'll have to make him a firetruck themed chatbook of his own.

A pink fire truck for the Komen foundation!  Olive was thrilled.

They got to see the first motorized fire engine in Indiana and firemen repelling down the sides of buildings.  They all enjoyed the events.

Fletcher's love for "ding dings" is going strong.  We love where we live!


  1. AWE! So sweet! I remember when Ian was obsessed with firetrucks!

  2. What a FUN day!! I am so glad you guys were able to get out and go to the festival!! I love Olive's dress...does it come in my size?!? ;) Hope you have a great Monday friend!

  3. That is so fun. I'm glad Kevin was able to get some photos for you! Our local fire department does a pancake breakfast 2x a year and the boys love going!


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