Monday, May 14, 2018

100 Day Decluttering UPDATE

I'm about halfway through my 100 day challenge to declutter ALL the things and it's going GREAT!!  I have decluttered at least one thing most days since March.  I have taken some days off when we're out of town or busy, but overall I've been decluttering like crazy. 

I have made another trip to Goodwill to donate 4 bags.

I currently have 2 more bags waiting to be dropped off.

I took my clothes and kid clothes to resale shops.

I also sold things on a local market page.  The extra cash was very motivating for me to continue to declutter.  It was fun to earn some money by clearing things out of our house.  It was also exhausting so I'm taking a break from it.  It took a lot of work to clean, photograph, advertise and then schedule meet up times to sell the items.  It was definitely worth my time, but I need a break from it.

I've also worked hard to only buy things I LOVE and purchase less.  For example, I liked a lot of these tops, but I only picked my favorite one to buy.  I came home with the grey peplum top in the middle with eyelet lace.  It's such a fun top!

My game plan for the last half of my challenge is to work on the following areas:

1. Clean out and organize our garage.
2. Clean out my dressy clothes.
3. Have Kevin declutter his closet, drawers and misc boxes.
4. Organize kid clothes - keepsake items, sell and donate items.
5. Come up with more things to sell in June.
6. Go through our toys
7. Pair down my teaching supplies to keep only my favorite things
8. Continue to clean out closets.

The free space in my home makes me SO HAPPY.

It's been wonderful to have open space in cabinets, have drawers that are only half full and to give our house some breathing room.  I'd highly recommend starting the decluttering process ASAP. 

One of my favorite parts of this decluttering challenge has been the friends and family that have joined me in cleaning out their stuff.  I've gotten texts and messages from people telling me that they're excited to join in my challenge.  I passed my decluttering book on to my mom and she loved it.  Then I went and spent a long weekend at my parent's house.  We got BUSY getting rid of stuff.  We worked for several days and ending up donating the following things to a local charity.  We cleared out tons of things that had been taking up room in my parent's house.

2 truck loads ready to donate:
28 boxes
19 bags
8 bags of trash!!

My mom has been keeping busy after I left.  Texts like this make me SMILE!

If you're needing some inspiration to get busy and start getting rid of stuff, I can't recommend this Decluttering book enough.  It has been very inspiring to everyone I've talked to about it.

Here's my Amazon link to it -->
Decluttering at the Speed of Life: Winning Your Never-Ending Battle with Stuff

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  1. That is awesome! We are having a yard sale June 9, so I need to get into gear! I have that book on my wish list; hopefully I'll get it as a gift or just splurge if the budget is okay with that. :)

  2. I've had two friends borrow the decluttering book since I read it and it's so fun to hear their progress! So fun to hear about yours too!

  3. I have been loving decluttering as we've been moving! I can't believe how many bags of clothes I've already prepped for Goodwill!

  4. You're doing great! We've been in our house a year, so I need to purge. The office is always my problem room, and I know I have a few bags of trash that I can get out of there.

  5. Wow you are rocking the de-cluttering game! And I'm currently the same way with shopping for clothes. If I can't see myself wearing it multiple times then as much as it pains me I leave it in the store. With working from home now, I don't go out and about that much so I don't need as many items anyways. It's so hard for my inner fashionista, but in the end my wallet and closet space is much happier lol.

  6. You are rocking!!! Doesn't it feel great?! Less truly is more! Keep it up - you've got this!!!

  7. I recently started decluttering as well. You're right! It feels so good to have space again!! =) Your doing so awesome! It's really motivating!! =)

    Melanie || Toots + Dill


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