Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Up Up and Away to K

Olive is wrapping up her school year this week and we've got mixed emotions about it. 

She has LOVED PreK.

She has really thrived and enjoyed herself this year.

I knew she would.

I know she's ready for kindergarten.  Her teachers have confirmed it and it's fun to see her getting excited about this next, big milestone.

It just feels so grown up.  Full day school.  All new friends.  All new surroundings.  I know she'll love it, but we all feel a little anxious excitement about all the changes that will come our way this August.

My mom and MIL drove up the morning of her PreK program.  Have I mentioned lately how nice it is to live just two hours from your family??  They come up regularly and we head down there often.  Olive felt like a star having both of her grandmas in town for her big day.  She waved excessively and was so proud.  The feeling was mutual.

She did great.  Sang her little heart out and smiled the whole morning long.

I'm really thankful for her teachers, her school and we've got big plans to keep in touch with her cute PreK friends this summer.

Fletcher was SO excited to come to her program.  She's been singing her songs at home for week so he happily did his best to sing along and wave like a crazy man.

I didn't realize they'd announce their names one by one and have them walk across the stage.  I totally teared up and fast forwarded to her high school graduation for a split second.  Can't believe how fast she's growing up!!

I'm thankful for friends that have a direct shot of your kiddo to send you sweet pictures.  We weren't that close so it was really nice to get some sweet pictures.

Olive with her Nanny & Mimi.

Ms. Nancy was so sweet to Olive all year long.  Olive found her at the picnic and asked if I would take their picture together so she could remember her forever.  You bet!

Olive and her best buddy

A couple days after her program, we headed to her Kindergarten Round Up.  She had the best time, did all of her pre assessments for school and left really excited to be going to kindergarten.

Way to go, Olive!!  We're so proud of you!!  Kindergarten or bust :)

PS If you've got a performance, recital or graduation to attend for one of your favorite little kids, I have a great gift idea for you.  My mom made Olive a Dum-Dum sucker bouquet and she LOVED it!  She was so excited about it and the other kids kept eyeing her sucker bouquet.  You could customize it to their school colors or for their favorite flavors.  It was a big hit!!


  1. So sweet! They really do grow up fast! Ian will be in 8th and Ella will be in 5th next year!

  2. Way to go Olive! She will have a blast going to Kindergarten. Time does go by fast...my oldest nephew will be a freshman in high school next year...ugh! Not possible!

  3. Oh Olive!!
    Looks like such a precious day and now it’s time for Kindergarten!! Such a blessing to have healthy, growing children❤️
    That lollipop bouquet is GENIUS! Grandmas are the best!😊

  4. Good job, Olive! What a special celebration. I might’ve missed it, is your kindergarten a full day program? Such exciting days! I taught kinders back in the day, ha ha, and I LOVED THEM!!

  5. That sucker bouquet is so cute! We are going to Wesley's preschool graduation tonight! I just know I'm going to cry!

  6. Congratulations on having a sweet kindergartener! And where did you get that adorable graduation dress????

  7. If Olive is starting Kindergarten then that means that Jack must be starting Kindergarten and I for one can not wait. Of course it is a little bittersweet with them growing up so dang quickly. I love the sucker idea! Bring on summer....this mama needs a break!

  8. They do grow up so fast don't they? Erin will be finishing preschool in June. I can't believe that she will be going in Kindergarten in Sept, she keeps on asking me if she gets to go now. We have kindergarten meeting this week and she was very excited about it.

  9. Kindergarten already? I feel like I was just reading posts about her nursery.


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