Friday, May 25, 2018


Happy Friday!  Hope you've had a great week.  It's been a busy one at our house.  Lots of end of the school year things being wrapped up and birthday prep for Olive who turns 5 on the 29th.  We've been working hard on our landscaping, home projects and wish it would rain a little.  We haven't had rain in weeks!!  Send some our way if you're tired of all the rain you're getting.

May was full of HIGHS (wrapping up a great school year) and LOWS (injuring my toe).

The things that have brought us JOY this month are:

We got a new swing for the backyard and the kids are obsessed.  It was a great deal at Sams and I think they'd sit there for hours if I'd push them.  I love that it came with everything you needed to hang it and it seems really durable.

I made my first strawberry pie of the season for a BBQ with some friends.  We grilled out, made lots of fresh sides and the pie was the perfect dessert.  I'm looking forward to making many more this summer!

I've mentioned before, but it's worth mentioning again... I LOVE PAPER PLATES FROM SAMS.  You get a giant stack of cute plates for $6.98.  I have these floral plates in circle and oval.  Christmas plates and a few others.  They're so sturdy and nice.

Fletcher likes to hold my hand when we sit and watch a movie.  My kids are currently loving Magic School Bus, Spirit, Boss Baby and Minions.

Our house in Mississippi had the prettiest blue hydrangeas in the backyard.  I've always wanted to plant some at our current house so this was the year.  My MIL and I found these gorgeous pink ones and had to buy three.  Two for the backyard and one out front.  They're beautiful!!

My parents came up for a work day and we got tons done.  Shutters hung.  House numbers up.  Inside projects.  Outside projects and lots of visiting in between.  The kids were not super helpful, but they were excited to see their Mimi & Papaw.

I rarely pick up a packet of seeds to plant.  I usually just skip a few steps ahead and buy the plants.  However, I thought the kids would enjoy planting seeds so we gave it a go.  Hope they sprout!

These two are either bffs or enemies.  No in between.  They've been wresting, fighting, biting, snuggling and loving like crazy.  Here's to hoping they have more sweet times this summer.

Olive had her last day of school and we went to DQ to celebrate.  The kids loved it and are excited for Summer break.

First day of school vs Last day of school!  She's grown up so much!!

Hope you have a great three day weekend!!  See you back here on Tuesday :)

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  1. Those Hydrangeas are beautiful! I love those floral plates!

  2. Little boys really are the sweetest. Sometimes my 14 year old will still hold my hand, and it just melts my heart! Thanks for the tip on the plates...I need to go find those at my Sam's. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. aww, what a wonderful month you've had! i'm so impressed with all your planting!! will the hydrangeas stay pink? in seattle we had bright blue and violet but i've never seen pink growing in someone's yard (i must need to do some traveling, ha ha) i always forget that our girlies have next door birthdays! i can't wait to hear what you have in store for her special day. havah's party was yesterday (we celebrated early bc one of her friends was leaving on a month long road trip!) and it was a great, great day. the girls took a pottery class and then went out to lunch. her small group of girl friends are the absolute sweetest. have a great weekend!

  4. So many fun things going on! Your hydrangeas are beautiful!


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