Thursday, October 27, 2016

Raising an Original #oholive

It's been a few months since I did an #oholive post so I figured it was time.  The silly stories are wracking up on my phone list so I've got to share them before I forget them.

Things Olive says:

patter-in = pattern
strustrated = frustrated
sammy-itch = sandwich
lie-berry = library
balla-ka-rina = ballerina
a-dor-dable = adorable
Reese Pups = Reese Puffs
Puppy Clouds = puffy clouds

She's currently loving Cinderella, mermaids, Sheriff Callie, Daniel Tiger, books, art projects, singing, play-doh, going on walks, helping in the kitchen, snuggles and her baby brother.  She is starting to draw people with circle bodies, arms and legs.

She's recognizing logos and signs for things around town - Target, Jimmy Johns, Wal-Mart, Meijer, Sams, Square Donuts and Panda Express.

She loves to tell stories.  The longer the better and facts are optional.

She has a favorite floral sun dress and thinks she should be able to wear it everyday.

Favorite foods: cucumbers, apples, carrots, noodles, pretzels, goldfish, dry cereal, soft serve ice cream, sprinkles, donuts, bread, meat, berries, granola bars, fruit snacks and pizza.

Dislikes: getting dressed, wearing layers, 

Funny Stories:
We went to get our flu shots last week and I went first.  She reached out said, "Here I'll hold your hand, Mama.  So you don't be scared."  Then she claimed she did not need one of those "blue shots".  When it was her turn she was pretty brave.  Cried for just a few seconds and then ripped off the bandaid the nurse put on.  She said, "I don't need this thing!" and tossed it on the floor.

She helps me decorate the house for the holidays and then I find her rearranging things on her own.  She grabbed all of her hair clips, attached them to a fake flower arrangement and insisted I come look at her "decoratin". 

If she falls or makes a mess she yells NEVERMIND and doesn't want us to look her way.

She goes around singing random songs and her current favorite is from Sheriff Callie: "Pesky little critter we thought you was cute.  Now you're just a pain in our boots!"  haha

We went to the zoo and the Tiger was very curious about us.  He kept walking right up to the glass and Olive said, "He looked right into my EYEBALLS!"

Olive has started asking us questions - How did you sleep?  How was work today? How was your food?

We were grocery shopping one evening and Olive spotted a man with a bandana and a big hoop earring walking our way.  She said, "That man is a PIRATE!" at the top of her lungs.  We just kind of laughed it off and kept going.  I think he was probably going for more of a biker look than a pirate look.

She's learning how to do jobs around the house.  We tidy up her bedroom every night before bed and she's memorized which things go in which drawers.  She refills water bottles to the fridge when we are running low.  She's started checking this all on her own.  She refills the cat food bowl with one scoop a day.  If I fold the laundry she can take it to her room and put it where it belongs.

We were having a play date with friends and I gave her a heads up that we were leaving in 5 minutes so it wouldn't be a shock when it was time to go.  She shouted, "I AM NEVER LEAVING!!" in response.  She's also started referring to her friends as her best friends.

We went to an anniversary party and they had Hershey kisses on every table.  Olive went from table to table sampling chocolates and walked out with a handful for the road.

She feels all the feelings and wants to talk about them.  "That really hurt my feelings.  I miss them so much!  I don't like it when..., I feel shy, That makes me so sad, etc."

She's completely potty trained and has been for months.  She now thinks that everyone gets a scooter and helmet when they get potty trained since that was her reward.

She lassos, rides her horses and talks like a cowgirl often thanks to Sheriff Callie.  I caught her lassoing our lamps and asked her why she was doing that.  She said, "Mama, How am I going to get better at lassoing if I don't practice??"  Good point.

We walked into the library and she was so excited to see her favorite teacher leading story time.  She yelled out "Mr. T!!!!"  It made his day to see her so excited and then she hid behind me and wouldn't say hello to him.

My favorite Olive pictures from the last few months:

Three is such a sweet age!!

I was excited to read Raising an Original by Julie Lyles Carr after reading that she is a psychologist and she has eight children of her own.  That's a lot of real life experience to draw from and her background in women's ministries was evident in her Biblical take on life.  I really enjoyed the book and learned so much about valuing the God given talents your child is born with.  Carr helps you to reevaluate your schedule, your time commitments, your definition of normal and your extracurriculars to best benefit your family.  I loved her focus of spending time WITH your children, not causing them to stress because you've packed their days full of activities and to really listen to what activities your child is interested in doing.  There is a personality assessment included to help you identify the different personalities of everyone in your family.  She gives tons of practical advice, has very relatable parenting stories and it was a really enjoyable read.  I was inspired to really acknowledge the personality differences in my children and to help them thrive in the real world.  This would be a great book to read with your spouse, your book club or another friend because there are so many different things to discuss. 
*This book was gifted to me from BookLook bloggers in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I believe Our little Olive is an original...Loved the pictures and all her little words she puts together...She is a delightful little girl....And may I add she has a wonderful momma..Loved the blk and white picture.....

  2. It's so much fun listening to their vocab and how they interpret things. The pirate story is funny and that picture at the fair cracks me up! She is not enjoying that at all!

  3. Oh Olive. She is such a sweet girl Whitney. I love that she yells never mind when she fall. So stinking funny, I need to try and use that one myself. I also love the vocab comparisons. It is so much fun to have those documented. Happy pretty much Friday!


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