Wednesday, October 19, 2016


(Olive + I after we both got our "blue shots" for the year.  One of us cried.  One of us teared up for the other one.  Let's hope we all avoid getting the flu this year!)

Everyone has their quirks so I thought I'd share some of mine with you today.  I am a pretty particular person who knows exactly what she does and does not like.  So I have lots of quirks.  I always laugh reading what people are so particular about so here you go...

1. I hate when my kitchen counter or my island is streaky so I regularly wipe them down.  I also tidy up the entire house before I go to bed.  I do the kitchen after dinner, all the toys before the kids go to bed and then our living spaces once the kids are asleep.  It feels so good to wake up to a clean house!  
2. I love writing lists, but hate when other people write on my lists.  I remember telling my mom not to write on my lists when I was a kid and just tell me the item and I'd add it myself.  Olive colors on my lists now and I just hope she grows to love lists as much as I do. 

3. I write everything down in my planner and save them from year to year.  If I need to know dates or when things happened I can look back in my old planners to see. I keep lists of birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and my own wish lists to reference in each planner. 

 4. I can't stand having a messy car.  I clorox wipe things down when I have to wait in the car, have bags to organize my things inside the car and regularly clean out any trash from our cars.  I like driving a clean car, but hate spending money on car washes.  When I drive my husband's car I always end up stopping at a gas station to clean it up!  So many water bottles and granola bar wrappers...

5. I love routines and have to work hard to be spontaneous.  Meaning sometimes I force myself to say yes to things that I'm more comfortable saying no to because it wasn't in my plans for the day.  So basically I have to make plans to be spontaneous or it doesn't happen :)

6. Writing thank you notes is super important to me.  I write them for gifts, meals, guests, etc. and it's a priority for me to follow through with a thank you note when someone does something kind for me.  I once wrote a thank you note to a car dealership in Utah because we had such a fabulous experience with them.  You can always count on me to send snail mail and buy stamps in rolls of 100.

7. I'm terrible at hanging pictures straight so I have to either make many holes in the wall or ask my Dad or Kevin to help me hang things.  I don't love to measure so I try to eye ball things and it never really works out the way I hope.

8. I never went through drive thrus before I had kids. I just didn't understand why it was so hard to go inside.  Now I tend to go to places just because they have a drive through - Panera, Starbucks, Square Donuts, Chick-fil-A, the bank and maybe one day my beloved Post Office will offer a drive thru option.  It's so nice to swing through and get what you need without having to get everyone out of the car.  Could someone bring a drive through grocery store or a grocery pick up service to my city??

9.  I am great about taking vitamins when I am pregnant and terrible about taking them when I am not.  I keep meaning to pick up a multi vitamin of some sort, but unless I'm growing a tiny human it falls to the bottom of my to do list.

10. I love reading about and researching the presidents. I loved teaching about the presidents and helping the kids learn all about their funny quirks and personalities.  We'd all laugh about giant bathtubs, jelly bean lovers, wild pets and silly stories out of the white house.  I had my students research and write about different presidents every February and it was one of my favorite units.  I have been paying close attention to the 2016 presidential race and I'm ready for it to be over.  I'm ready to vote, have decided who I'm voting for and am saying some prayers for our country.  I feel like this election process has been more stressful than ones in years past.  Maybe it's just because I'm getting older, have kids whose future I'm concerned about and am worrying about important things like Supreme Court Justices.  I guess this means I'm becoming a grown up??

Do we have any quirks in common!?!?
Tell me some of your QUIRKS!

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  1. The clean house thing is amazing! As the kids have grown older, I don't do as good of a job at this as I used too. I think that is just because I wake up earlier than I did when they were little though. I am also with you on the list writing and others not writing on my lists. I actually didn't realize that was a quirk of mine until you pointed it out as one of yours :P.

  2. Does hearing someone snack their gum in my ear count? {{cringe}} ha! Let's see... I have to watch a little mindless TV before bed or I won't sleep well. Seinfeld, King of Kings, something like that, even for just 20 minutes or my sleep is affected.

    Me too on the election. I'm done following it. We are voting next week and then I will continue praying hard, but otherwise I'm going to wash my hands of the whole thing. It is so depressing, isn't it? And you're so right, the Supreme Court Justices is a major issue.

  3. One of my quirks is that I have to dry the kitchen sink out after water has been used in it. James thinks this is nuts and will run water just to see if I'll wipe the sink dry. I will and I do.

  4. The vitamin thing is SO ME! Prenatal vitamin- all over it; daily multivitamin now- I'm lucky if I pop more than two per week. Arghhh! I love lists too! I write down dumb things or things I've already done just so I can then cross them off.

  5. Spontaneity is not one of my strong suits and it boggles me to no end when my husband wants to just up and go out to dinner on a tuesday night . It's like "what, no we didn't plan this..." lol It's something I've definitely had to work on improving.

  6. We have a few of the same quirks! I absolutely can NOT leave my kitchen a mess before I go to bed. It's something my Mom taught me :)

  7. I loved reading about all of your quirks! These sorts of lists are really fun :) Maybe I'll have to steal this post idea someday!

  8. Well...I think all of these things are completely normal! HA! I am the same exact way about writing thank you notes. My kids start "writing" them for gifts they have received once they are about 2 years old (they just draw a picture and I write a note) and now my girls are writing full blown thank you notes. I don't allow them to play with any of the things they were given until their thank you note has been written. Is that hard core?? HA! And totally the same way about getting the house situated before I go to bed- I always have to make sure the pillows on the couch are set up all pretty and the play room is cleaned up. There is nothing better than waking up early, to a quiet and clean house! :)

  9. This is the first presidential election I've been fully keeping an eye on. I'm still undecided but am leaning towards one over the other. I keep my planners too! As you said, it helps to be able to go back and look in them to see what happened when.

  10. I admire your desire for a clean house. I feel like that's something I'm lacking! Drive throughs are amazing. I will sometimes just drive through to get a soda!

  11. I love having a clean car and have done a great job with his with my new ride. I have to be intentional about it but it makes me feel so much put together if my car is clean. I've gotten into a good routine with cleaning up the house before bed. I have to do the kitchen right after supper or it will not get done. I wish I were better about picking up toys or having Jack pick up the toys.

  12. I am also terrible about vitamins when not pregnant. I need them in gummy form or I won't take them.


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