Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday Talk: Valentine's Day FUN

I searched through my archives to pick out my favorite Valentine's Day ideas for you today.

V-day is just a few weeks away and we always enjoy heart/love/valentine themed things during the whole month of February.  I've got lots of yummy treats and fun ideas for you to do in the coming weeks with your family and friends.  I just love the holidays so I am planning to try a few new recipes, toddler friendly crafts & activities and a few special things for my husband.  I'll keep you posted if I find anything really great.

My FAVORITE ways to celebrate Valentine's Day: 

Is there anything cuter than a tiny baby doing art projects?!?!

I just made my usual recipe and reshaped the rolls into hearts.
These were so easy and made for great neighbor gifts last year!
Everyone loved them and I really should make them again.

My regular recipe is linked and I just added a bit of pink food coloring to the dough

I just made our favorite cake and then topped it with tons of hearts!
You could easily do this with cupcakes too.

What types of Valentine's Day treats
do you enjoy eating or baking??

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  1. SO many fun ideas! Valentines' Day is all about wearing pink and eating fun foods, isn't it? Definitely adding a cookie bar batch and that strawberry pie to our "eat" list for the day! Those will be fun. And love those olive cards :) So sweet!!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  2. Oh my gosh! Baby Olive was such a nugget!! I remember a lot of these from last year, but didn't see the baby footprint ones. I have been shying away from too much Valentines day stuff because 1) we might have a newborn right around then and 2) I don't want to jinx it, her be late, and us NOT have a newborn around then haha. I'd love little matching pink outfits, but if I buy it, she's sure to come the 15th or later.

  3. I adore the Olive you. So dang cute! I love the cookie bars too with the Valentine m&ms. I might do the "I love you to pieces" art with Jack. I think he would enjoy glue. I have some colorful cardstock to use it also. Thanks for so many great ideas!

  4. So Many great ideas. Those brownie cookies look amazing and little Olive in that bumbo is just the sweetest ever!

  5. You have such a great collection of ideas! I totally need to go buy some red and pink M&Ms!


  6. Those cookies look really good!!! Every Valentine's Day, we make cornflake hearts...just like the cornflake wreaths at Christmas!

  7. Great round-up of Valentine's Day posts!

  8. You always have so many great ideas....and recipes! haha Those brownie cookies look especially enticing. We made the "love you to pieces" hearts one year too. I love how yours turned out! It's such a fun and easy one for kids to make. You've given me some great ideas for this year! -Jessica, Sweet Little Ones

  9. Oh my- those dark chocolate bites are SOOOOO up my alley. Dark chocolate is the only kind I care about, and a little goes a long ways for me. Additionally, salads, cookies, granola bars, etc. with nuts and dried fruit are my faves so I always have dried cranberries and such on hand. Making these ASAP! THanks for awesome idea!

  10. Holy cow!!! All these sound DELICIOUS!!! I wanted to make some heart shaped cinnamon rolls or pink cinnamon rolls but couldn't find a recipe! Now I can. Thanks for sharing!


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