Monday, January 18, 2016

My $10 Target Haul

It's no problem for me to go into Target and drop some money, but it is a fun challenge to go in and only spend $10.  There are cute things everywhere you turn so you have to be selective and only go home with your favorites.  I picked up only things for Olive this month and am excited to share my finds with you.

Sheriff Callie coloring book $1
Animal puzzle $3
You're Special plates $3 each
$10 total
*All purchased about two weeks ago

 These hard plastic plates are so cute and I thought they'd be fun to use in the new year.  I have a breakable red dinner plate that says You are Special Today so it's fun to find this kids version.  I picked up two so Olive and Fletcher could each have one.

Olive's favorite cartoon is Sheriff Callie and it can be hard to find her items.
I was thrilled to pick up the $1 coloring book.

We love doing puzzles and I was excited to see this wooden animals puzzle.  It's more of a challenge than I thought it would be because there is not a picture of the animals underneath to match the pieces to.  So it require some adult help for two year olds, but she's getting better and better at it.  We've done this puzzle nearly a hundred times in the week we've owned it.  Great buy for only $3.  I'm guessing as she gets older she'll have fun mixing and matching body parts, but for now she wants every animal to look like they are supposed to.

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  1. I almost got those plates! So cute!! I love Olive's smile playing with the puzzle!


  2. Great finds! I love picking up little gifts for my niece and nephew in the dollar spot - they have the perfect size and weight for shipping, too! Adorable pictures of Olive in those pigtails. <3

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  3. Oh I haven't seen those plates and I love them! It is so great that you got one for Fletcher too-smart thinking!

  4. that puzzle is so cute!! What fun to mix and match the animals... I can see my kids being delighted by that. Good finds!

  5. I almost picked up that You're Special plate last week! We have the red You're Special plate too, it's a family tradition so as adults my mom gifted each of us one for our own houses!

  6. I am loving all the cheap toddler finds there lately! I'm so excited for Lucy to finally be big enough to benefit from some of it ;) Great finds, Whitney!

    Mariah @ Faith & Fashion

  7. We have the birthday plate like that and they are really nice! Hattie loves Callie too and I just secretly love Mandy Moore so much and I like to watch

  8. I love that puzzle!!! What an awesome $3 find! I've got to look for that at my Target!

  9. Oh that sweet face :)! I love that you focussed on her (them) this month. You picked up some great items!

  10. I want that puzzle right this second! I'm going to check out Target on Thursday to see if I can score one.

  11. I saw that puzzle on your instagram and thought about getting it for Olivia. I hate containing puzzle pieces though - any solution for that?

  12. Those plates are super cute. I wish there was a Target located close to where I live. It's probably a good thing there's not though.
    I was able to go to a Target sometime last week and purchased two cardigans and two tanks for a great price of $32 total.

  13. We have that puzzle too and have played with it nearly as many times :) We had a challenging time with it at first, but we now always start with "Find the feet! Now find the tummy!" and that helps with the order :) But it was SUCH a bargain for $3!

  14. do you know if those plates are available online?


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