Thursday, January 28, 2016

Baby BOY Weeks 25-28

Here's my monthly baby update for weeks 25-28:

Week 25 – cauliflower – December 28:
Kevin told me this week that he’d be perfectly fine if I stayed this pregnant for the rest of my life.  He claims I look cute and the baby bump suites me.  He’s sweet, but no thank you.  He’s also good for my self esteem since pregnancy is kind of rough on that.

We enjoyed a low key week at home and watched tons of college football bowl games.  It’s always bittersweet when it comes to this point in the season since we enjoy football filled weekends so much.

I had a routine doctor’s visit that included my glucose test.  Here’s to hoping I pass it with flying colors and baby and I get a great report.  I always love going to my doctor’s appointments because A. my doctor is the nicest and B. I get to have an ultrasound and check on our little guy.  My blood pressure was lower than normal (high for the average person, but good for me), good amniotic fluid levels, strong heart beat and an overall great report.  Check back in 3 weeks.

Week 26 – head of lettuce - January 4, 2016:
Middle of the night Charlie horses have started.  I also seem to be STARVING 24/7.  Nothing fills me up for very long and I feel like eating all day long.  I woke up in the middle of the night and had to go get a granola bar.  Baby must be growing.

Baby boy is moving more and more.  He’s kicking and rolling around all day long.  Olive continues to give me daily check ups announcing that the baby is “Doin great mama!”  We made Fletcher's name official and shared it with everyone this week.

We lined up things with Olive’s pediatrician so she’d see little brother in the Spring so that was nice to get that taken care of.  We house hunted and are hoping to find a great home to move into later this Spring/early summer.  Also, house hunting/looking with your realtor + your toddler is exhausting.  I almost always take a nap afterwards :)

Week 27 – rutabaga – January 11:
My cravings have all switched from meats and comfort food to SWEETS AND CARBS.  I’ve been eating lots of fruit, carbs, ice cream and lots of cereal – just like I craved with Olive.  Picking up after a toddler is getting harder so we’re working on teaching Olive to do more of this herself.  She loves to help so it’s a good task for her.  I find myself grunting and groaning doing tasks like bending over and putting on my shoes or pants.

Fletcher is moving, kicking and stretching out like crazy this week.  My belly changes shape all throughout the day.  I’m carrying much lower than I did with Olive at this point.  She was up high poking my ribs until the very end.  Baby boy is much lower and someone told me that they thought my belly was already dropping.  Seems a little early for that, but he’s definitely hanging out low.  I’ve caught a few glimpses of my belly hanging out of my shirts so I need to retire those and only wear my longer shirts from now on.

Olive pats my belly as says hello baby.  When I rock her for her nap or at night she says I snuggle baby Fletcher and will use my belly as a pillow.  Guess she’s making lemonade out of lemons since my lap is shrinking as my belly is growing.  Sometimes I’ll say that baby brother is in my belly and her response is no mama no eat baby.  I guess that would be a little confusing.  We're also talking a lot about this big sister business.

I ordered the first things for Fletcher’s nursery this week.  We’ve decided on a theme and are looking forward to pulling it all together.  Baby boy bedding options are slim pickings so it forced me to get creative and pull together my favorite things from several different places.

Week 28 – egg plant – January 18:
Hello 3rd trimester!!  What an exciting milestone.  The last 28 weeks have flown by and it’s hard for me to believe we will have a new baby in 11 weeks.  I don’t feel too anxious about Fletcher’s arrival, but I do find myself reliving Olive’s birth and wondering how his will compare to hers.  They always say every baby and birth is different, but it’s nice that this isn’t my first rodeo.  Any anxiety that I do feel usually revolves around Olive and how she’ll deal with us being at the hospital for a few days, having someone other than us taking care of her and having her routine disrupted.  It seems common for 2nd time parents to worry about the adjustment/transition for their first borns.  Most days I don't stress about it a bit and am excited to see her as a big sister, but occasionally I worry that she will not appreciate having to share us.

I’m craving cereal, ice cream and candy.  My skin has been feeling itchy which means baby must be growing.  I’m sleepier than usual and not sleeping great at night. Olive has been waking up during the night which never happens so we’re all getting a good dose of sleep deprivation prep.  

Fletcher seems to already be more mellow and calmer than Olive was so it'll be fun to see if that's true once he gets here.  He moves most when I'm sitting still or in the evenings.  He's been doing some crazy acrobatics and I regularly see my stomach changing shapes.

My hands have been feeling tingly and I’ve noticed myself feeling clumsier than usual dropping things or tripping.  My routine doctor’s visit this week landed me in the labor and delivery unit for blood pressure & baby monitoring this week.  I took Olive along for my appointment and my blood pressure was really high.  It always runs high during my pregnancies, but it had gotten high even for me so my doctor thought it was best that I go in for some more tests.  I called Kevin to come to my rescue, asked him to come home and stay with Olive and then I headed into the hospital.  I felt fine and baby got a great report (growing, healthy and looking great), but it’s always nerve wracking to go in for monitoring.  Four hours, blood work and monitoring later, I got discharged with a good report.  My blood pressure had calmed down significantly, baby was looking great and I go back later this week to see my doctor.  I’m going to try to take it easier (while taking care of a toddler haha...), monitor my blood pressure from home and hope we can keep chugging along for several more weeks.

We got about 4 inches of snow this week and enjoyed playing out in it.  It was really powdery and reminded me of the snow we used to get when we lived in Utah.  I can’t wait for Olive and Fletcher to be big enough to play together in the snow.

Pregnancy with Olive
Weeks 23-26
Weeks 27-30

I'm currently in my 29th week 
and it's crazy to think that we've got at most 11 weeks left before Fletcher makes his big debut.


  1. So much fun to read! You DO look great pregnant....I thought that yesterday during your WIWW post! I'm praying for your blood pressure.

  2. Ahh, glad everything was okay with your blood pressure! That definitely had to be nerve wracking. I can't believe how fast time is going, but YAY for your third trimester!! Excited to see what you do with his nursery!

  3. Yeah 3rd Trimester!! In the home stretch, girl!!! Olive is going to be such a sweet big sister.. I love how she interacts with you and your belly. So sweet!!! And you mentioning your craving for cereal... oh man. I remember being sooooo hungry and gorging on huge bowls of cereal every night before bed, because I'd get so hungry at night that I couldn't sleep. :-)

  4. Third trimester- wootwoot! : ) Umm super cute husband comment- love it! I'm sorry you're dealing with blood pressure concerns, going in for monitoring was a little scary I'm sure! Sounds like it's being well monitored and you've got it under control - keep it up for a little longer!! Cereal and fruit (and waffles!) are my pregnancy loves apparently. hah Can't wait to see nursery!

  5. 11 weeks to go!!! EEK!! So exciting! Olive is going to make a wonderful big sister. I can't wait to see Fletcher's nursery. I just know it is going to be adorable. Make sure to get lots of rest!!!

  6. So much fun. I love the photos of her hugging the veggies :)! So glad you had a great appointment today!

  7. You look ADORABLE!!! I can't believe you're already this far along. It goes by so darn fast. Before you know it you'll be a week away like us. Olive is so stinkin' cute as always!!

  8. I hope you make a collage of the produce photos with Olive!


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