Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Picture Perfect Project: Oh Olive

I'm joining a new monthly link up this year that focuses on taking pictures.  I decided to focus on pictures of real life with a toddler for January.  I scoured my archives for the last month and picked out my favorite shots that document life with a 2.5 year old.  Lots of little moments throughout our days that make me smile that I haven't always taken the time to document.  Big things and little things and everything in between in the life of a toddler.  

Olive is stuck to me like glue when I'm cooking in the kitchen. 
I've come up with a good system and found plenty of ways to include her.

Olive's art work looks like this at 2.5 yrs old and is getting more colorful. 
She also wants it displayed and seems so proud to see her art hanging.

She thinks the penny horse at Meijer is the best thing ever. 
You'll hear her shout giddy up horsey, yee haw, let's go Sandy, good boy as she rides.

Pig tails are our go to hair style these days

 She loves riding in the cart while we shop.
I pack her a snack and she enjoys the ride.

Olive asks for me to scratch her back when she's tired. 
My lap is getting crowded, but she's making the best of it.

 She often requests a sleeping bag bed made on the floor for her.

Olive loves collecting things and putting them in containers.

She's gotten creative with finding cozy spots.

Diaper boxes are the coolest.

We're having a war on tags.  All tags must go.

She used to eat apple slices and now she does this to them.

The cats get regular check ups from Doc McOlive.

Olive enjoys picking out her polish for DIY manis and pedis.

She's fluent in football - touchdown, notre dame and is the sweetest little fan.

Rain boots must be worn at all times.

Her imagination is running wild.
She came out of my MIL's pantry with these "ice skates" on her feet and skated around the kitchen.

Thanks to Sheriff Callie we have a wild west loving girl who says
Stop in the name of the law, yee haw, thinks everything is a riding critter and lassos things.

She's a big fan of her kitty brothers.
She's giggling and he's wanting me to save him.

Our days of sleeping in a crib are coming to a close.

I often find bite marks in my grocery store purchases.

Bun-Bun is still her BFF.  They go everywhere together.

We wear Christmas pjs well after Christmas and watch cartoons in the morning.

Oliver often wakes up from his cat naps covered in toys.

She's deemed our bed the coziest spot in the house and likes to watch cartoons there.

The highlight of her life is when she spots a sucker fish cleaning the tank.

Utensils are the coolest things ever.

She loves snacks (pretzels, goldfish, popcorn) and her paci.

She loves all of her winter accessories (minus socks) and isn't bothered by the cold.

She likes to be held, asks us to hold her hand and is a snuggly girl.
2.5 is a pretty sweet age.

I'll be featuring my favorite pictures that I took on my DSLR camera in February.


  1. Such great pictures! Don't you just love seeing their little personalities develop! I've got a snuggle baby too and I love it. He woke me up this morning with a kiss and then just wanted to be held. I don't mind waking up like that. Why do kids love getting in tiny spots? Jack loves it and finds the weirdest places. I bought him a tent thinking he would enjoy it. No! The dog uses it more. Give him a laundry basket and he is entertained for an hour. Go figure!

  2. You'll love to look back on these as she grows. Wes does the exact same thing with apples. The other day he wanted a whole apple, but none of the skin, so I peeled alllll the skin off for him.


  3. these were all such cute pictures, and really showed her little personality!!! 2.5 was one of my favorite ages!!!! They are so funny with their imaginations and little quirks. She is such a doll!! And my son used to eat apples like that too.. I would end up eating the skins and then my husband had the idea to peel the apple while it's whole, put corn cob handles in it and now he eats "apple on the cob" and thinks it's great. :-)

  4. Love this Whitney. Such a great way to remember her exactly how she is at this age. Thank you so much for linking up with us!

  5. This sounds about how I spend my days with my daughter. She just turned 2 at the beginning of December!

  6. These are precious! 2.5 goes by wayyy too fast, guess it's a good thing I have a 18 month old still running around after her big sister ;) Thanks for joining us!

  7. You can never go wrong with documenting all the little moments! Love all the cozy snuggle spots.

  8. She is such a cutie and you have captured so much of her personality as well as memories of this time in her life.

  9. She has such the personality and it is showing through all your photos. What a neat idea to capture Olive for this project. I love the Dr. McOlive!

  10. Do you have pictures of the cats and Olive hanging out in the same places? That would be hilarious.


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