Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Palooza

We are enjoying LOTS of pumpkins at our house this week.

and iced them like little pumpkins.
They were delish and really easy.

 Olive made a little pumpkin art at church this week.  

Her teachers put glue all over the plate, she pressed orange paper scraps on the plate and then they trimmed the edges.  I thought it needed a bit of green so I traced her hand when I got home.  She is getting better and better at relaxing when I trace her handprint.  She thinks it tickles so she normally gets a big wiggly and giggly.  That's part of the fun :)  So I traced her hand and then added a little pumpkin leaf to her pumpkin.

Yesterday was National Cat Day so we wore this cute cat t from Old Navy and ran some errands.  She was a dream baby and we had a fun day together.  Maybe she was extra good because she got two new pairs of shoes for winter??  Smart girl :)  She's 17  months old now and full of sugar and spice.


  1. I love tearing crafts for little ones....its hard for many people to believe that tearing paper is actually a skill when they are so small!

  2. LOVE those cinnamon rolls! When does the pumpkin craze end for the season? In my mind, never. But is it socially acceptable to have pumpkin cinnamon rolls post Halloween?


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