Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Parenting Advice from 9 Year Olds

I love teaching 3rd grade and think my students are highly entertaining.
Since I'm a first time mom,
I decided to ask them for some parenting advice.
They wrote 4 different pieces and we put them together chapter book style.
These were some of my favorite quotes from the kids:

-You must put bows and flowers in her hair.
-Make them try new things.
-A terrific mom always dresses her kids cute.
-Love your kids no matter what.
-Always set a good example for them.
-A good mom always read them a book before they go to bed.
-Take your daughter to Paris.

 -Act proud of them.
-Read to them a lot so that they'll be the smartest in their class.
-Don't drop it.
-Don't ever wake the baby.
-Take good care of it.
-Play with your baby.
-Make the baby fall asleep at 8:00 and then you watch a movie when she's in bed.
-You have to hold your baby because you want to bond with her.
-Buy her PINK pacifiers.
-Make sure to love her.
-Do put her in the bath once in a while.
-Don't let her get whatever she wants or else she'll be spoiled.
-Never drop your baby.
-Always keep the baby in sight.
-Never scare your baby.
-Never let the cuteness of the baby get into you so that you will do anything she wants.
-Teach your baby something every day.
-Always rock your baby to sleep.
-Never ignore your baby.
-Always take a baby to the beach.

 These were excerpts from letters that the kids wrote to Olive for things they wish for her...
I hope you will get to snuggle with Oliver and Topher.
Get to go to Hawaii and go on a cruise.
I hope that you will love olives.
I hope that you will grow up to be a great teacher just like your mom.
I hope that you will be smart, cute and be a super good girl.
I'm positive that you will love your mom.
I hope that you will learn to make delicious chocolate chip cookies just like your mom.
I'm hoping your mom will bring you into our class.
I hope you will be nice and not get frustrated easily.
I know that you will be super beautiful and have brown eyes.
I'd love to babysit you one day.
I hope that you will learn to bake with your mom.

 I can't wait to read these sweet books to Olive and I'm hoping she'll love them as much as I do.

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  1. This is just too cute!!! Kids say the darndest things!! So glass you have a great class!!
    Go Irish,


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