Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cat Care

Both of my cats were due for their annual exam so I scheduled an appointment when the whole family could go.  My husband was sure that the boys were too heavy for me to be lifting so he wanted to go along.  I set their kitty carriers out the night before so that they could explore them a bit.  Oliver is too smart for his own good because he seemed to be able to tell that something was up.  Innocent little Topher just unassumingly enjoyed the new play toys.

We woke up, got ready and then I wrestled with put the cats into their separate carriers.  We took them to the car and the howling/crying/mewing began.  Oliver rides silently as though he's being tortured and Topher lets the whole world know that he is very unhappy with his current circumstances.  It's about a 10 minute drive.  We unloaded them at the vets and are quickly assigned a room.

We open the carriers having to pry Oliver out and Topher eagerly jumps out.  The first lady comes in to weigh them and she sprays this Feliway Calming Spray to help them relax. Topher first: 10lbs Oliver next: 20lbs... I have 30lbs of cat living at my house?!?!  No real shocker there.  I picture Chris Farley saying, "I've got what doctor's call A Little Bit of a Weight Problem..." at this point.  They both hide behind me on the bench and wait for the vet.

She does her full exam.
Topher: great teeth, clean ears, slight chin acne issue -I thought he may have an allergy of some sort but it was just acne so we have a new skin regime to try.  I failed to mention to the vet that I have a hard time even washing my own face so this may be a struggle.. I have to wipe down his food/water bowls daily and then give his little chin a bath with some mild soap a few times a week.  Overall, he's doing great.  He loved the vet and was poochie rubbing her the whole time.  He got two shots and won't have any more for 3 years.

Oliver:  Horrified to be at the vet with his ears cocked back and maybe a little upset at the number he saw on the scale this time...  Didn't make a peep.  Good teeth, nice and clean, ears could be cleaner - I assigned this job to Topher and we are all going to be working on a little diet modification.  Two shots for him as well.

Oliver's weight loss plan:
More wet cat food
Less dry cat food
Feed the boys three small meals a day instead of just filling their bowl.
More exercise.

Heaven help us!  Oliver is a foodie and is not going to be a fan of this plan.  I'm hoping to find some tasty seafood options that they will enjoy.  Both boys will be doing similar things because the vet said wet cat food is more filling, better for them and a more natural thing for them to eat than dry food.

Preparing for Baby:
We want to make sure the transition to having a baby in the house goes as smoothly as possible for them so we asked the vet for tips.  She said to bring home a blanket that the baby has used in the hospital for the boys to sniff and get used to.  This will help them to be familiar with her scent before she even arrives at home.  She said that they will be curious so help to maintain their routines and their "spots" in the house so that they feel comfortable.  Basically, don't ignore them and forget you have furry children when your baby arrives.

Preparing for a 24hr/2-3 day road trip to Arkansas in July:
We were also concerned about traveling with these little rascals since our ten minute car ride was a challenge.  She said to start taking them on little car rides here and there so that they become more comfortable being on the road.  She suggested we get some of that calming spray that they use at the office and she would give us a prescription to tranquilize them a bit.  It won't completely knock them out but it will help them to sleep and relax in the car.  She said normal food/water/kitty litter routine and that they would probably do best in the same carrier since they are BFFs.  So we need to get a larger carrier before July... I'm picturing quite the circus happening in the car (just a few week old infant, two feisty cats, luggage, hubby driving and me trying to stay sane... I'm sure it'll be a trip to remember!!)

They also gave me a list of
Top 10 Toxins for Cats
and seeing as I didn't know some of these, I thought I'd share:
1. Topical, spot-on insecticides
2. Household cleaners
3. Antidepressants
4. Lilies
5. Insoluble oxalate plants
(dieffenbachia, philodendron)
6. Human NSAIDS
(anti-inflammatory meds)
7. Cold and Flu medication
8. Glow sticks
9. ADD/ADHD medications
10. Mouse and rat poison

is the Pet Poison Helpline 24/7

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  1. Holy moly...I only knew of poinsettias being harmful...I have 3 lilies in my house an toot munches on the leaves!!! Oh lord!! She's never gotten sick and I've had them for 2 yrs. I got them when my grandmother passed away. Off to research!!!
    Go Irish,


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