Saturday, April 6, 2013


I'm wrapping up my 31st week of pregnancy
so I wanted to document what I'm currently up to...

Looking forward to... a baby shower with my teacher friends next week.
Mood... Positive and feeling pretty good
Wedding ring... still fits!
Belly Button... still an "innie"
Labor signs... a Braxton Hicks contraction or two but nothing else
Gender... GIRL! Although I've dreamed she's a HE lately!
Sick... I have a cold/cough combo right now
Food Cravings... sweets
Movement... Olive is a little kickboxer and is moving more and more
Miss anything... I miss sleeping through the night, bending over easily and standing up without effort
Best moment of the week... healthy report from the doctor for me and for baby!
Sleep... getting up a time or two to use the restroom or sometimes to get a snack...
Maternity Clothes... 100% maternity bottoms but am still wearing some of my pre-maternity tops
How far along... almost 32 weeks

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  1. You are looking so great! :) Enjoy these last few weeks!


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