Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September Goals

A new month means a new set of goals.  We got a lot of things done in August, but didn't get everything on our list done.  So I'm carrying some things over to September and getting started on my list below.  I've been doing a good job of incorporating better routines into our days - reading for fun, healthy habits, playing outside and planning our back to school schedules so these are the bigger things we're hoping to accomplish this month.

September To Do List:

1. Decorate for Fall and purge Fall decor.  
I put pumpkin and leaves out in September, add in Halloween things for October and swap the Halloween things for turkeys in November.  The pumpkins stay out all three months to make decorating easier.

2. Kid Bedrooms.
We are making good progress with organizing their things so now we just need to get things hung on the walls and curtains hung in both rooms.

3. Hang pictures.
I have visions of gallery walls, chalkboards and all of our other pictures/art hung, but I need some help.  Kevin is going to be helping me with this one.

4. Back to School routines for our preschool type activities.
Story time, Music Makers, Art, field trips, play dates and fun with our friends.  Pull out our letter activities, puzzles, songs, and flashcards.

5. Appointments.
I got several appointments done in August and need to schedule a dentist appointment and eye appointment this month.

6. Exercise.
Load up the double stroller and walk most days of the week.  The kids love it and it's good for all of us.

7. Swap out processed foods for fruits and veggies.
Make better choices when eating and snacking.  This is especially important because I'm noticing that Olive wants to snack on whatever I'm snacking on candy or carrots.  This will means frequent trips to Sams to stock up on healthy things.

8. Football.
Watch a lot of football as a family.  Invite people over to watch football.  Fix football food.  Introduce Fletcher to football and help Olive learn those last few lines of the Notre Dame fight song.  Try a few new recipes.

9. Do some serious work in our bonus room.
Finish unpacking, move things to the garage and reorganize the things that are currently filling our bonus room.  We'd eventually love to have an office space, storage space and craft space in this room, but it just looks like a storage unit right now.

10. Window Treatments.
We're making progress in this area, but aren't done.  We need to measure, order blinds, curtains and get them hung for the remaining areas.

Are we working on any of the same things?
What are your goals for September?


  1. I am with you on decorating for fall and keeping a consistent workout schedule! I'm hoping to decorate this weekend because the hubs will be at his hunting land and that will give me something to do!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Sounds like you have a good plan for September friend. Plenty of work and plenty of play. Love the balance!

  3. Great goals! I always love these posts. A few of of my goals are to complete a 21 day upper body workout challenge, start my Christmas shopping and paint some furniture.

  4. I have ideas on some fall décor ideas. I'm definitely doing some outside décor at Trey's, whether he likes it or not! I also have lots of wall décor ideas, but I have limited space due to the deer. :) Maybe one day he'll get his mancave and they'll be gone. :) Good luck on your goals.

  5. Great goals! I'm working on healthy snacking, too! It can be such a challenge.

  6. I'm working on improving our snacks over here too. ANnnnnd needing to get more things up on the walls! I have like ten different pictures on the floor around our hall upstairs....and they've been there for far too long. They need to be hung UP!

  7. Nice goals! I need to organize my son's room too. Kids accumulate so much stuff and so much clothes that his room keeps getting discombobulated!

  8. All such good goals!! Doesn't September almost feel like a 2nd "new year?" Everything is fresh because of the new school year and forming new routines lends itself to setting great goals AND achieving them!! :)

  9. I certainly want to get some fall decor stuff happening around our house, too! In fact, I just said to Hun I have a goal related to our table for the holidays! Good luck on your goal achievement this month! :)


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