Wednesday, September 21, 2016

10 Confessions

I have a long list of confessions to share with you today.  Let me know if you are in the same boat as me.  Things like... I didn't pull out my Wonder Weeks book with Fletcher until he was about 22 weeks old.  I love the book and think it's spot on most of the time, but I definitely was slow to read the appropriate chapters with baby #2. Sorry Fletcher.  I'll try to do better for the rest of the leap weeks.

1. I am not a fan of the open toed booties for Fall.  I just don't get them.  It's getting cold so why would you want your toes hanging out or your heels hanging out??  I also have never worn any open toed shoes that are comfortable.  They always rub blisters on my toes so I just can't envision them being comfortable.  I love regular booties and will definitely be wearing those, but you won't see me wearing open toed booties. Also, if you love them that's a-okay because obviously tons of people are loving them this season since my insta feed is bombarded with them every day.  They're just not for me :)

2. My birthday is two months away and I've already started a wish list of things I want.  The majority of the things on the list are for the house... Big clock, bench, curtains and a new pair of brown booties for me.

3. I went through my facebook feed this week and unfollowed several people.  I'm tired of certain people posting a million political ads/articles/commentary.  I found myself getting annoyed with all of the bashing, defending, he said, she said, read this and it will definitely change your mind on said candidate, ugliness.  When did it become unacceptable to have a conservative opinion? or an unpopular opinion?  It seems like many people today spend a lot of time hating on Republicans or Democrats instead of just agreeing to disagree.  Do people really think their facebook posts are going to influence voters one way or the other??  Doubtful.  My feed is much more pleasant to scroll through now.

4. I confess that I have never tried a Pumpkin Spice Latte and I don't really plan to unless someone buys me one.  I love caramel and mocha flavored drinks and just have a hard time wrapping my head around a pumpkin drink.  I love pumpkin everything else, but no thanks on the drink.

5. We are starting to do some Halloween costume shopping.  Olive keeps changing her mind... princess, pirate, train track, Batman and drink have been her ideas so far.  So we keep looking at costumes to see if one will strike her fancy and hopefully will be able to come up with a coordinating costume for little brother before October 31st.

6. I officially went up another half shoe size after having Fletcher.  I didn't think it was going to happen, but reality has set in and I've officially sorted through my shoes once again to see which ones still fit.  Hello size 9.5.  Am I alone in the growing shoe size post baby trend??  I hope not.

7. I admit that I have told Olive that grocery stores have a rule that little kids must ride in the cart.  It's crowded with Fletcher's car seat and Olive in the cart, but she's too quick to keep up with so the rule was born.  She rides like a queen with a snack and a drink being paraded through the toy aisle, seeing the fish tanks and helping me toss things into the cart.  So I don't really feel bad about my "rule", but she does see kids walking in the stores and tells me I need to remind them about the store rule.  haha

8. I've decided that I cannot be trusted around candy.  I love it too much. Gummy candies, salt water taffy, etc.  I want to live on a diet of gummy, sweet, candy treats.  So I can no longer buy the candy and lie to myself saying that it's for Olive or we will save it for our next road trip.  I end up eating most of it and I know I could find better things to snack on... carrots, apples or 

9. I loved this article from Apartment Therapy called What Happened to My Home When I Took a Month Off of Social Media  It was really interested what the author found herself doing with all of the free time she used to spend scrolling through her social media feeds.  It was very compelling and made me rethink how I want to spend my days... scrolling through social media feeds of other people's lives or living my own life making memories and enjoying moments with my family.  I'm definitely rethinking boundaries and establishing hours of the day where my phone is off limits for scrolling.  Do you have any rules for yourself and the time you spend on social media??

10.  I recently read Play with Fire by Bianca Juarez Olthoff.

I LOVED the book!  It was such a compelling, quick page turner.  It was nice to see how she related her personal struggles to the struggles of the characters of the Bible.  The parallels were spot on and she really makes the Bible stories come to life.  I found myself wanting to go and reread the Bible stories again.  I really enjoyed Olthoff's writing style and her voice made it feel like you were reading a book authored by your good friend.  She inspires you to want to surround yourself with a community of believers, to pray regularly and honestly and to be involved in ministry with the people at your church.  The book encourages you to evaluate things in your own life and makes you want to implement real changes.  I loved her message of the power of believing God was still mighty and powerful ready to help you through any situation you face.  He desires that we cry out to him and is eager to hear from us.  It was a great reminder of the personal nature of God and I loved her ties to biblical times and characters to reinforce the importance of the things she was saying.  I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone going through hard times, facing difficult circumstances or any friend that desires change.  They'd all really enjoy Play with Fire!!
*I was given the book to share my honest review of it from BookLook Bloggers. 

I also read One Small Donkey by Dandi Daley Mackall.  It was a cute board book telling the Christmas story from a small donkey's perspective.  I loved the idea that little ones can do big things for God, but wish the theme would have been more obvious throughout the book.  The wording of the text was a bit of a tongue twister and I don't think my toddler would have picked up the theme if I didn't continue to talk about it through the book.  The illustrations are darling and the book gives you lots to talk about with your children as Christmas is quickly approaching.
*I was given the book to share my honest review of it from BookLook Bloggers. 

Do you have any funny confessions for me today?  Nodding your head to any that I mentioned?  Or are you going to try to convince me to get on the open toe'd bootie train?!?!?


  1. I have unfollowed certain people too because I am so tired of all of this political mess! Also really nervous about growing feet after a baby because I already wear a 9.5 or 10!! That's so scary!!!! And try a PSL! It doesn't taste like pumpkin to me at all :)
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. I have been on the unfollow train before too. There just isn't enough time in the day for all that negativity.

    My foot got bigger when I started running. I would associate it with kids but I am pretty sure it was running. I used to be able to squeeze into some 10's but the past couple years I wear nothing short of an 11 :(.

    If I live closer I would totally take you to Starbucks and buy you a PSL. Just so you could say you've had one.

    I took a month off social media once. January of 2012 WAY before blogging. It was AMAZING. Almost makes me want to try it again.

  3. I definitely agree with the first one! I'm a fashion lover for sure, but some things aren't open toed shoes for the fall/winter. haha I'll be keeping my feet nice and cozy! ;)

  4. You know I feel your pain in regard to having bigger feet post babies!!! It's just not fair! Ha!! Also... I totally have an ongoing birthday wish list… My birthday is in December so I spend all year long thinking about things I would like :) and I've been needing a new book to read so I will definitely check out your recommendation-it sounds like an awesome book!!

  5. I take social media breaks a lot on the weekends. I just focus on the boys and doing fun things instead of wasting time scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. I like unplugging from time to time. It does the soul some good for sure.

  6. Ahh, love these posts! I'm not on the open toed bootie train either 😝 They are cute on other people,, not so much. Ha!
    Do you like Chai lattes? A barista told my sister that instead of a straight pumpkin spice latte to order one that has two pumps pumpkin and two pumps chai. She said it is heavenly. I always drink one pumpkin latte in the fall, so this might be what I try! I'll keep ya posted 😉
    I'm with ya on social media. I could literally scroll through all the love long day! I felt so convicted about it that I ended up deleting the IG app. I still occasionally look at it on my browser, but it has stopped the mindless scrolling.
    Happy Wednesday friend!

  7. I'm almost on the unfriend train with some of the political stuff on Facebook... My feet never went up a size with kiddos and boy am I glad because I'm already a 10!

  8. I've been taking social media breaks. I use to spend those few minutes here and there looking at Facebook but now I'm finding that I can really fit in a lot with those few minutes. I thought "what's the point of doing xyz when I can't finish it?". I figured out that there are a lot of things I can finish in a few minutes. You just have to be ready for it when that time comes up. Now I'll mentally prepare for those few minutes by saying "the next time Jack is looking at a book, I'm going to put the clothes in the dryer". Even if you can only start something, at least you have started, and that is always the hard part. I read that article and agree on every level with it.

  9. I had never even HEARD of the wonder week book until a month or so ago. (and still didn't buy/read it. sorry T) Kind of a cross between your facebook unfollowing and the mindfulness of time spent on social media, I recently unfollowed several people from instagram and paired down blog reads to focus on the ones that really enjoy following and not "waste" time reading just because they're there. I know it's a common thing for feet to grow during/as a result of pregnancy when ligaments stretch however oddly enough, I swear mine have shrunk. Since having Tell I've given away lots of my heels that my feet now slip out of- so strange. I'm not a PSL die hard, but I do enjoy one or two each season and I always buy pumpkin spice coffee for home brewing in the fall. I just picked up my first bag at TJMaxx last week!

  10. I started unfollowing people in January due to their relentless political posting! I will confess that I plan to make one (just one) political post before the election...I've been thinking about what my status will say and carefully crafting it over the past months. :)

    I wish there was a way to get rid of all the posts people share about children and animals who are's heartbreaking and disturbing and it wears me out!

    I'm not a PSL fan - I'd much rather have a white chocolate mocha, and then only if I have a gift card. I cannot pay the same amount for one little drink that I pay for a pound of coffee. Nope.

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  11. The PSL one stands out the most! How! Now that the Starbucks is made with real pumpkin, I don't like it. Too much fake cinnamon makes it taste like goldschlager. Yuck! But it used to be my fav. On social media, i just read 168 hours and loved it. I will check my phone some playing with the kids and just need to turn it off so I know I'm spending quality time with them. Along the same lines I order my groceries for pick up to save all the grocery store time haha

  12. I LOVE the look of open toe booties, but will probably never buy them because it doesn't make sense to me either. They are so darn cute, though. I am with you on the PSL train. I really want to try one, though. Just to see what all the fuss is about!

  13. Hi there! I found you through your Small Donkey post on BookLook (I just received the book to review as well)! Boy do I hear you on social media being a tough place for conservatives to hang out. I'd love to leave FB altogether, but feel like because of my blog I need to keep posting there. I've unfollowed many as well. It is freeing.

  14. I deactivated my Facebook because first of all, I'm not really friends with half of the people on there or don't see them on a daily basis so why be friends? It was a popularity contest back in the day and now I really don't care. It's been nice to not have to see what people are doing LOL.


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