Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday Talk: Double the Fun

Having two kids has really been double the fun.  Sure, we aren't sleeping as much as I'd like and we're busy chasing two little ones in different directions, but it's a JOY to see them together.  They're bonding nicely now that Fletcher is smiling and reacting to Olive's silly things.  She's thrilled to have a #1 fan and loves making him giggle.

I'm excited to share three things I could not live without for my two kids today.

// 1 //
I did tons of research on double strollers before I registered for one.  I wanted to spend between $200-$300 and wanted to have lots of options with it.  This stroller had wonderful reviews and I was impressed with all of the bells and whistles for the $299 price point.

I LOVE the big sun canopies and the black portion of the canopy is mesh so it allows great air flow.
Both seats recline to several different positions.
The seats are comfy feeling and have a mesh pocket to hold toys or snacks.
5 point harness
Comfy for my three year old and baby
Sturdy and hard to tip over but not super heavy
The seats stay on when you fold up the stroller.
The seats can both face forward, backward, both face in, etc.  Tons of arrangements.
HUGE cargo basket underneath
Fits through doorways
Easy to assemble
Ours is the sand color, but I'm having trouble finding it online.

The kids rotate taking naps on our walks together.  They both smile and just sick back for the ride.  I clip toys onto their seats and my toddler is always asking to go for a ride.

// 2 //
I mentioned these Munchkin Miracle 360 cups about a year ago.  I picked up one because the thought of a no spill cup sounded amazing.  Well, Olive hated it at first.  We kept trying and she could not get the hang of sipping along the edges.  I decided to give it a try again recently and she caught on after just a few minutes!!  It's our new favorite cup and I love that I can toss it in my diaper bag or she can walk around with it at home and it's impossible to spill.  I'm going to have to pick up a few more of them.  Have you ever tried them before??

Munchkin Miracle 360

Dr. Brown Bottles
We are using Dr. Brown bottles with Fletcher and love them again.  We used them with Olive and think they're the best.  They've got a lot of parts, but they really work great for reducing air sucked down with bottles and is similar to breast feeding.  Both of our kids have loved them.  We bought pink and purple ones for Olive and have these classic ones for Fletcher.
Dr Brown 8oz bottles

// 3 //
Olive was gifted her Jellycat bunny at one of my baby showers and it's been her bestie for nearly three years.  We rarely leave home without bunny and she's close by her side when we're hanging out at home.  Bunny is the perfect size/shape to be held by tiny hands so we knew we had to get little brother an animal of his own.  Olive picked out a puppy for him and Fletcher gets so excited to snuggle him.  Nordstrom sells Jellycat animals in their stores and there's a great selection on-line.  They're such great quality and worth every penny.  Bunny has been hauled around everywhere, washed in the washing machine and is perfectly in tact.

Tell me your go to items for your kids right now.

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  1. You have the most adorable kids! I can only imagine what kinds of adventures you have with them. Awesome list as well. Like you, I'm a big fan of the munchkin cups. It helps my daughter practice for drinking from a normal cup! Thanks for hosting this week, Whitney! Have a great Tuesday!

  2. So sweet. I used the Dr. Brown's bottles with M and they worked like a charm. I LOVE that huge smile of Fletcher in the stroller too. That sweet boy. It clearly must be a pretty comfortable ride too since they both fell asleep.

  3. I'm intrigued by the cups. I've seen others use them. We used Dr. Browns bottles with Henry, but then Wesley wouldn't take them and we went with the Medela ones. We have a sit and stand stroller and for our active boys, it's super helpful that they can get in and out easily!

  4. I haven't seen those cups before. I'm not sure how Jack would like them since he has used the same type cups since always. I would like the no spill aspect. Even the ones we have, there is that chance that they could spill some. It does make me nervous. I'm loving the Johnson face and hand wipes. Jack hates when a diaper wipe gets used on his mouth (I would too) so these are nice alternatives. Mama is on the hunt for a door bell type thing that alerts me when Jack enters the bathroom. He stopped up the toilet twice this weekend flushing down two different things. I still want him to have access because we are potty training. I think I can find something via Amazon but I know it is going to get tiring hearing it. Hopefully, this phase will be short lived and sorry that I went off on a tangent.

  5. We love our double stroller and are also big fans of dr browns. Need to try that cup though!

  6. Dr. Brown's were our favorite bottle but man.. I do not miss all those pieces.

  7. That cup is awesome! I'll definitely have to check those out.

    I got Dr. Brown's bottles for Mabel because I heard great things....almost 16 months later and she has still not had a single bottle lol. Oh well

  8. We have all of these except the double stroller and love them all! Great picks!


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