Monday, September 19, 2016

Target Haul & Must Have Products

I opted to buy a classic this month with my $10 to Target.  I LOVE their Archer Farms Simply Trail trail mix.  It's my favorite trail mix because it has dried cherries and REAL M&Ms in it.  There are also peanuts, almonds and raisins.  I pick out all the raisins because ewwwwww to raisins, but my toddler loves them so it works out just fine. 

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The trail mix is usually around $12 for this big container.  It happened to be on sale the week I picked it up and I combined the sale with an extra percentage off on my cartwheel app.  It ended up being just slightly over $10 which is great for this huge container.

What's your favorite kind of trail mix??

I am SO EXCITED to tell you about this next trick....

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My friend Justine... super mom to 5 darling kiddos... has mentioned a few times that her favorite stain remover for her kid's clothes is blue DAWN DISH SOAP.  I've heard a lot of things recommended for stain removal, but NEVER have I ever heard of this.  I figured that she's got to know what she's talking about with all the laundry she's done and products she's tried over the years.

So I picked up a big container of blue Dawn and waited for a chance to use it.

My family got all dressed up for a party a few weeks ago and the kids were in these adorable outfits.  We had a blast at the party and managed to make it through dinner with no stains. There were Hershey kisses on the tables for guests to eat and my daughter kept swiping them.  She ate a ton at the party and she took a few for the road trip back home.  I didn't realize this and buckled her into her car seat.

Fast forward two hours when we get home and she's COVERED in chocolate.  I guess she held onto them for a while in the car and then ate the mushy chocolate in the dark.  She ended up with chocolate all over her face, the front of her dress, her pillow and her blanket.  Then she tossed the wrappers on the floor and they landed on her brother's monogrammed outfit.  So we were left with a HUGE chocolate mess all over their nice clothes!

I wanted to cry for a second and then I remembered the DAWN!!

I poured Dawn on the chocolatey spots on both outfits and let them sit for a bit.  Then I scrubbed them with running water going over them and put them in the washer.  I cannot believe they both came out of the washer completely chocolate free!!  Fletcher's collar had chocolate speckles all over it and it is bright white again and Olive's dress has zero chocolate on it now.  All from this super stain remover.  Go out and pick some up for your family today!!

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Essie Polish
I've never been a huge Essie polish fan until recently.  I only own a few bottles of their polish and I think they all came from TJ Maxx because I'd much rather pay $3.99 a bottle instead of $8 a bottle.  I picked up this color a few weeks ago and it feels perfect for September.  It's a little darker than my summer polishes, but not super dark for Fall.  It's still been pretty hot in the Midwest so I think it works great.

I also used Whitney's Watch Me Paint My Nails video before doing my manicure this time.  I did most of her steps and it really did make a difference in how long my polish lasted.  I need to be better at wearing gloves when I do dishes, but I never think of it until about half way through my dish washing duties.  I also figured out that I have better luck with Essie polish if I do two thin coats vs. one heavy coat.

Essie's Coacha Bella

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  1. I use dawn ALL the time for stains, especially grease stains. I always make sure I keep some around for emergencies. So glad it worked wonders on your chocolatey mess! That Trail mix looks really great too.

  2. I have never heard of Dawn for stains either! I need to get some!

  3. Ohh I must try that trail mix! It looks delicious! Have a great week!

  4. Dried cherries and real M&Ms? Yes, please! Sounds so delicious. I’m not normally a raisin fan, but I like them in trail mix. I think it’s because they get coated with salt from the nuts. Whoa, that’s so awesome about the blue Dawn trick. I’ve heard about so many great uses for it, but haven’t tried it as a stain remover. Making a mental note on that! And that Essie color is beautiful.

  5. YES!! So excited you are a Dawn believer now! We were at a wedding this past weekend and my daughter got her beautiful cream tulle dress covered in mud it...all came out this morning when I scrubbed it with Dawn!!

  6. I've never heard of that Dawn trick, but it's great to know! I'm notorious for ruining my clothes with random stains. Your nails look great! My issue with Essie is that it takes at least three thin coats to get the finish I want...and then it can't dry completely and ends up all smudged. I'm glad you found one that works well for you! Love that shade.

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  7. I love Target's monster mix trail mix! Peanut butter chips! Nom!

  8. I am going to get some of that trail mix. I mean, real M&Ms!
    I'm a big Dawn user too. It has saved me and stains countless times. I also make a mixture of dawn and vinegar (and water) for a shower cleaner, and dawn, washing soda, and borax (and water) for a laundry detergent. And there is also a great tip for using dawn to rid the kitchen of ants (hello living in the south ;) It really is the BEST!

    Your nails look so pretty! That color is gorgeous!

  9. I was introduced to Essie by Liz from Chasin' Mason and it's now my go to!

  10. Archer Farm had a good Buy 2 get one free promo this week and we stocked up on Caramel Cashew mix - its the best!

  11. I've never heard of using the Dawn before but I'll be trying it for sure. Jack gets LOTS of stains on his clothes. I'll let you know how it works out but I swear by anything Justine says. She really is a super mom!

  12. Never thought about using Dawn for laundry. I mean it makes sense cause it makes dishes spotless. Trust me- we go through Dawn like crazy since we don't have a dishwasher. Will have to keep that trick in mind. Since I'm picky I would've been thrilled if the big container of animal crackers covered in icing would've been on sale. haha. It's been a while since I've been to Target; it's a shame we don't have one close!!

  13. Lol about eww to raisins. I feel the same!!

    I just purchased the Essie gel top coat and I am OBSESSED. I painted my nails LAST Monday...over a week later STILL zero chips. INSANE!

  14. Didn't know that about Dawn Dish Soap. Will have to give it a whirl. That's a pretty color of nail polish.

  15. I love that nail polish color! What a great trick with the dawn dish soap! I don't like raisins either! I can't have the good trailmix (the one with chocolate) but when I can I want to try that. They have a caramel one that is mostly just candy and I love it.


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