Monday, August 1, 2016

August Goals

I can barely believe we are flipping the calendar to August today.  It seems like summer just started and now the stores are filled with back to school things, Halloween and Christmas.  We've packed a lot into our summer - vacation, work, house projects, moving and fun.  It's time to get busy and squeeze in our last few fun days and tasks to make the month a productive one.  We've made good progress on our Summer Fun To Do List crossing off 10 of our 12 items.  We have big plans to head to the pool, golf, try new local restaurants and settle into our new neighborhood.

We'll also be working on:

1. Finish unpacking.  
I've hit a bit of a wall as far as unpacking goes.  I'm kind of over it, but there are still boxes stacked in our bonus room.  It's mostly kitchen, holiday decor, clothes and kid things.  I need to unpack and then reorganize that room so that we end up with a holiday section for decorations, an office area for Kev and a craft area for myself.

2. Appointments. 
Olive to the dentist, me to the eye doctor, Fletcher well check, etc.  Some are scheduled and then others still need to be made.

3. Window treatments for every room.  
What a job this is!!  Our new house came with blinds in the bedrooms and that was it.  So we've had to tackle the project of buying curtains for every room to block sun and for privacy.  We have the family room done, master bedroom and need to finish measuring for blinds, hunting for curtains and buying black out shades.

4. Visit family.  
We have a few short road trips planned to visit family and friends before summer ends.

5. Haircuts.
Mine, Kevin's and a trim for Olive.

6. Yard work.
Kevin does 99% of the yard work at our house.  I'll help pull weeds or pick up sticks, but usually it's all him.  We have weeds to pull, things to chop, stones to move and I'm hoping to work on our yard for through the fall to whip it in shape.

7. Install new dishwasher.
We hadn't planned to buy a new dishwasher right away, but our original one couldn't be repaired.  I've hand washed dishes for weeks so I'm thrilled to have a new dishwasher.  We're slowly switching out the appliances for stainless.  So far we've done the microwave and dishwasher.

8. Invite people over to our house.
Kevin has students that were accepted into the program to work with him and do research with him for the first time this year.  We have friends to invite over, Kevin's co-workers and family.  I'm excited for all these fun hosting opportunities.

9. Exercise.
We have a wonderful new neighborhood to walk in and a giant park in our backyard so we are hoping to go on long walks most days from now through Fall.

10. Bedrooms.
Our living areas are unpacked and are waiting for things to be put on the walls.  Our bedrooms have furniture placed where they need go, but that's about it.  I'd like to organize all three bedrooms, remove junk and then hang decorations on the walls.  I'm anxious to get Fletcher's nursery ready for him only 4 months late... and to work on pulling together Olive's big girl room.  The master is in pretty good shape, but needs things on the walls.

11. Pictures.
I meant to schedule Fletcher's 3 month pictures to be taken last month, but that didn't happen.  So he's getting his pictures taken this week.  4 month pictures are just as good as 3 month pictures - right??

12. Church
Try out a new church or two with the intention of finding a church home where we can make friends and get involved.

13. Paperwork.
It's amazing the amount of paperwork it takes to get your address changed, mail forwarded and everything switched over to your new house.  I've updated about half of our things, but need to contact places to get everything current.

14. Eat healthy!
Lots of salads, colorful meals and grilling are on the agenda for this month.  Grilling really helps make dinner prep easier for me because Kevin does the grilling and I make the sides.

What goals do you have on the agenda for August??


  1. I love these goals! Similar to your exercise goal, I want to make sure I exercise every day for at least 30 minutes--either running or walking on days that I don't run. I know you are so glad to be in your new home!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Love the goals Whitney. I say 4 month pictures are every bit as good and WAY better than no pictures. Such an exciting month for you as you really start to get settled in to your house. Praying you find the right church and it doesn't take you 1.5 years like some people I know :P.

  3. We have similar goals for August; I too need to finish unpacking, organizing and updating my address etc. It seems so overwhelming but I'm trying to do a little everyday. New reader! :)

  4. I wrote about my August goals today!! We are sharing some similar goals- great minds think alike! :) Hope you have a great day and a wonderful week!

  5. Love these goals and now I'm overwhelmed by your goals and want to take a nap. I love the first of a new month and setting goals. I hope to get a goal post written soon. I've been doing some thinking but haven't just set down to write them out yet. It sounds like y'all have really been hustling to get that house in gear. I'm awful at picking out window treatments-too many options for me. I'm so ready for fall but I know it will be a little longer before it feels anywhere close to fall around here.

  6. Busy month!!! I can't wait to see what salads you have, I love seeing all the different ones you come up with!

  7. So much to do! Moving is just so much work! I'm ready to hop on the salad train!

  8. We have to get in to the dentist and eye doctor this month, too!

  9. GREAT goals! You reminded me that doctor appointments kind of need to be scheduled over here. Sigh... I'm also looking forward to getting some Fall weather over here to get walks in! I miss that. I hear you on the moving boxes - they somehow multiply even though you're unpacking... and then I know I had plans for organizing a space before I could unpack, which added to the delay. Sigh... but it will all be done eventually :)

  10. Lots of great things on your list. Reminds me I need to schedule some appointments myself!


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