Friday, October 2, 2015

The Highlights

Happy October to you!!  It was a lovely fall week in Indiana.  The weather was great and I loved having some rain.  We had just enough to enjoy a relaxing time at home baking some pumpkin treats.  I'm in the mood for soups, crock pot meals and lots of football.

The best part of our week were:

1. I ordered these Halloween plates from Pottery Barn Kids a few weeks ago and they arrived just in time to kick off October.  They were on sale and I can't wait to use them for many years to come.  I kind of think of them as a holiday investment that Olive will love eating off of for a long time.  They are a great size, have washed really well and are adorable.  I'm also excited for the coordinating alphabet place mats to help teach Olive her letters.
 2. I picked up some new Fall nail polish this week at Wal-Mart.  The brand Sinful Colors is less than $2 a bottle, made in the USA and I love it!  I have two summery pinks and now this fun fall color called You Goji!  I painted my toes this week and my two year old said - "Where's the pink?"  haha  I didn't realize she paid that much attention to my toes :)

 3. I've heard great things about Hands Free Life and am anxious to get busy reading it!  Have any of you read it yet??  I started One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and kind of hated it.  I just couldn't get into it and felt confused by the writing style from the very beginning.  I keep trying to pick it up again, but I think I'm just going to wave the white flag on it and put it in my donate pile.

 4. We packed up all the goodies for a tailgating lunch last weekend and I wasn't sure how I'd bring all the condiments we'd need for brats.  I decided to squirt them all into plastic bags, bring scissors to snip off the end and then we just squirted out what we needed.  It worked out perfectly and we didn't have to mess with hauling the bottles back and forth :)  I also tried a new recipe for Easy French Dip Sandwiches.  They were delicious and really EASY.

 5. We headed up to Notre Dame for game day last weekend and had an amazing time!!  It was so much fun, the weather was perfect and it was neat to introduce Olive to ND.  Looking forward to watching the ND/Clemson game this weekend with our family.

Any fun plans for your weekend?  
Hope you have a great one :)


  1. I'm so glad to hear you say that about 1000 Gifts! I seriously thought that something must be wrong with me - everyone I know loved it! :P Awesome idea about the condiments- I'll be remembering that one. Loved your post about ND. I loved how you and Olive walked around and took in the beauty. You'll remember that for years to come, I'll bet. Happy weekend, friend!

  2. Love those Halloween plates! We have some PB gift cards from our wedding nad I am saivng them for when all the holiday stuff goes onsale!!

  3. Those plates are SO cute!!! I love the new fall polish color too, it's a lovely shade of purple?

    Have fun this weekend. That may just be the best condiment hack ever!

  4. I cannot get over your clever to-go condiment solution! Paul is a major condiment person and there have been several times I've wondered how to transport the whole bottle of ketchup or ranch without spoiling the leftovers. My life just got so much easier. :) Thanks!

    Those Halloween plates are SO cute! We always had seasonal dishes growing up, and it makes life so much more fun!

    It's looking like a wet and soggy time for the game this weekend - hope it goes well for your Irish! :) I only know that b/c they are playing 45 minutes from here. I've heard there's lots of green coming through the airport lately!

  5. 1) I absolutely love those plates. They really are an investment. 2) Great idea squirting the condiments into plastic bags. I would have never thought of that. 3) Let me know what you think about Hands Free Life. I love hearing about new books. Have a great weekend!

  6. The plates!! What a great deal. I'm all about seasonal decor that lasts and makes the holiday fun. And the condiment idea - genius! And just toss when done, without too much guilt. So smart!! I haven't read Hands Free Life but it's on my list. I've just started The Fringe Hours and it's good so far! I haven't cracked open One Thousand Gifts yet, but hoping there's something to glean from it. But not every book can be a winner, right? Have a great weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  7. We are going for a train ride this weekend and I can't wait. The kids are going to LOVE it I hope
    Love that polish color :)

  8. Those french dips look Ah-mazing. And I love those plates! They're a cute alternative to some of the creepier halloween decorations I see everywhere, and educational, too! I grabbed that Sinful Colors polish last year and love it! It's a great color for transitioning from summer to fall. Happy Friday!


  9. I love those plates, they're so cute and cheerful!
    Morgan |

  10. Looks like a great weekend! Olivia still likes the segmented plates so nothing touches the other stuff, haha, so no PBK holiday plates yet. Olivia insisted that one hand was hot pink and one hand was purple (for her) so I think it's her way of slowly transitioning into fall. Love your condiment idea!! I'm going to have to use that.

  11. I never finished 1000 Gifts either. The way it was written was very confusing. It kept jumping and I just quit.

  12. Your Halloween plates are adorable! I like your idea for carrying condiments! Your daughter is adorable! I am glad your family had fun last weekend at Notre Dame. Visiting from the link up!



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