Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday Talk: Pumpkin Pancakes

I don't make a hot breakfast every morning, but when I do pancakes are a quick go to option for me.  My family enjoys them and so do I.  I love to put a holiday twist on our meals when I can so pumpkin pancakes were the obvious choice for this week's pancake breakfast.

It was so easy!!
Just make your favorite pancakes and add a little bit of food coloring. 
I love this Hungry Jack boxed mix because you just have to add water or milk to it.  I added 2 drops of green food coloring to a tiny bit of batter for the stems, 1 drop of red and 4 drops of yellow food coloring to make orange for the pumpkins.  I used chocolate chips, mini m&ms and powdered sugar for the pumpkin faces.

 Olive loved her breakfast and thought it was funny that some of the pumpkins had faces.

 In the mood for waffles?
I blogged about October waffles last week

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  1. Connor would be THRILLED to have M&M's for breakfast. I doubt he would even notice the pumpkins through his M&M excitement.

  2. I did the exact thing because of your waffle idea except I lacked the candy! Love this!

  3. cute!! My current box is hungry jack too and I do love how easy it is but I think I'm back to bisquick after this box is gone!

  4. Those are adorable!! I like Hungry Jack pancake mix too - but would never think to add food coloring. So clever!


  5. These are so clever! H. and E. would go gaga over these. Although I made pancakes the other morning for them and added a smiley face out of raisins and they gobbled up the raisins and didn't think the face was very special. So who knows, maybe adding the coloring would convince them to admire them a bit before consuming them so quickly.

  6. Love the idea!! I don't make pancakes often (LAZY!) but I definitely sing the praises of pancake mixes :) And why don't I have food coloring at home? It would be such fun to jazz things up!!

  7. When you posted this on instagram I thought they were perfect. Olivia just now gets the whole "pumpkin" thing for fall and is pointing them out everywhere. Might have to be her Halloween breakfast.


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