Monday, October 19, 2015

ISU Homecoming

 We had a great weekend.  It was fun to take part in all of the homecoming festivities for ISU.  Kevin won season football tickets for our family and we had been looking forward to going to a game for weeks.  We opted out of the early morning homecoming parade because it was so cold, but the tailgating, tent city and game were a lot of fun.  The high was 55 so we had to bundle up a little bit more than we were used to doing.

We played in the leaves in the morning,

made yummy tailgating food, 

and set up camp outside of the stadium around lunch time.

 We ate, enjoyed the sunny day and then headed up to the stadium to check out all of the festivities.

We visited with Kevin's co-workers
and got lots of goodies from each tent.  

 We've never taken Olive into a football game before so we were a little unsure of how things would go.  Game time was also her nap time so we had an easy exit strategy when she was done.  We packed snacks, tiny toys and pom poms.  She loved watching the band, would say OUCH when the players would tackle each other right in front of us and she enjoyed the music. 

We were on the 50 yard line and enjoyed the view.  The stadium is a bit smaller than what we are used to at Notre Dame.  It was fun to see everything up close though.

 Olive had a great time and everyone around us thought she was cute :)

We had a great time and are already looking forward to going to our next game together.


  1. What a fun weekend! I loved going to my brother's college football games. There are a division III school so it was a smaller stadium but that made it perfect for seeing everything and taking photos of my baby brother playing ball.

  2. Such a fun weekend - I bet Olive was the real star of the football game... She is way too cute!!

  3. You can really tell that y'all had a great time! I bet it was a great time getting to be around Kevin's co-workers. I'm glad Olive enjoyed the game also.

  4. fun! it looks like Olive was great for this! how fun to have a family day out like that!

  5. So much fun! We just went to Furman homecoming this past weekend. Olivia loved the poms too - I wish we had gotten a picture!


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