Friday, October 23, 2015


It's been months since I've done an Olive update and I wanted to document all the sweet, adorable, silly things she's up to these days.  I keep a running list on my phone of things that happen and then eventually blog about them.  I'm going to share my favorite milestones, moments and pictures from the last few months.

Oh Olive:

Goodnight, Moon = the first book Olive memorized the words to and read aloud to us, it's also the first book that she's every declared "my favorite book!"

What are you hungry for today?  I'm hungry for my paci!

There's an adjective explosion going on with her vocabulary lately: stinky, be-ewww-tif-ful, wonderful, hot, spicy, so essssss-iting and cool
She has a strong opinion about what color straw we are using and will go get us a different one if she disapproves.

Olive was bugging both cats one afternoon.  They ran away from her so she chased after them yelling, "Family come back!!!"

We were eating dinner at one of Kevin's co-worker's house.  She put out appetizers for everyone and Olive eagerly grabbed a seaweed wrapped something or another.  She shoved it into her mouth, chewed, spit it into my hand and shouted GROSS!  I just laughed because it looked gross to me, too.

Hold on one sec is her response when we ask her to do something.

She grabbed my face one night as I was rocking her to sleep and said, "Mama, you are pecial to me."  She was so seriously and it definitely teared up.

She counts 1-14 sometime the right way and sometimes the silly way and down from 5 to 1

My parents have a old dog named Maxx.  He's a grumpy old man, but Olive loves him.  She always says, "Maxxi so funny!"  The other day she said, "I miss Maxxi,  He pecial to me."

She shouts I lub you!  Be safe! to Kevin as he walks to his car every morning.

Olive points out stop signs, green lights and funny things we see as we drive down the road.

She has tea parties, pretends to bake and loves to pretend cook with me.

The highlight of her day is when daddy gets home and acts silly with her.

Loves to ride in the basket of the shopping cart and not up top.

She loves to talk to people when we are out and about.

You watch football with us.  You say ouch when people get tackled, yell TOUCHDOWN, shake your pom poms and get excited when they play fun music during the game.

Favorite foods: carrots, cucumbers, hummus, sharp cheddar cheese, crackers, goldfish, popcorn, pretzel sticks, ketchup, pizza, black olives, chips and salsa, mexican food, candy, vanilla ice cream, lemonade and lemon water.

Naughty Moments:
swirled her dum dum around in the toilet water and licked it
dusted our entire kitchen with the powdered sugar shaker
threw a 30 minute fit in the grocery store parking lot over her shoes
sneaks up any stairs that aren't gated off

Favorite phrases:
chetch up = ketchup
cumbers = cucumbers
pecial = special
sit by chew = sit by you
wesh you = bless you
Nice frow mama (frow = throw) anytime I toss something
oopsey daisy = anytime she drops something
macky cheese = mac & cheese
thank you much = thank you very much
whatcha do'in? = what are you doing?
not good = what she says to anything she doesn't like

Favorite pictures:

 Two is such a fun age!!


  1. She is a whole lot of personality!!! Love reading these! What a precious girlie you have!

  2. Oh my goodness, she is too funny! I love that you keep up with these. I need to be more mindful of it. Such great memories to look back on.

  3. Oh man, she is just too sweet!! I love every single one of her pictures. And you're right. Two is SUCH a fun age! :)

  4. The toilet water, hahahahaha, And my cat runs away from me, too.

  5. I love that she says "hold on one sec." And the dum dum in the toilet water -- yuck!!!

  6. She's so adorable. I love her pics. Kane is just now starting to talk-talk in sentences good, and it's hilarious. He tells that cats to "go" all the time, or to "come back". I love watching him interact with them.

  7. These updates are so cute! "Im hungry for my paci!" I love that. I can't wait until Olivia can talk more. The stuff she comes up with, with her limited words, is hysterical. I know she's thinking "Im hungry for my paci" about 24 / 7 :) but I can't wait until she can express it.


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