Thursday, October 8, 2015

6 Ways We Shared Our Baby #2 News

We had so much fun announcing our baby #2 news to our family and friends this past week.  We'd been excitedly making plans for a while so it was fun to see it all play out.  I wanted to tell as many people in person as we could so I jam packed our weekend with plans.

Here's how we told...

Olive was the only one home the morning I took my pregnancy tests.  I took them and walked away for a few minutes.  I went in and saw the positives and then brought her in to tell her the good news.  We were both still in our pjs, Kevin was at work so we told the cats next.  Olive was running around yelling YAY and HAPPY, but I think she was clueless about the reason for all the excitement.  Then we started making a game plan for our day of how we were going to tell Kevin.

My husband:
We headed to the mall in the hopes of finding a cute Big Sister shirt and a tiny onesie to go with it.  We looked at several stores and finally found the perfect one.  We headed home, ate some lunch and then Olive went down for a nap. I was planning on Kevin being home at dinner time so I figured I had time to whip up another surprise - like cinnamon rolls for a bun in the oven or sugar cookies spelling out We're pregnant!  I decided on cinnamon rolls and then Kevin called and said he was on his way home at 2:00!!  I panicked.  His workshop ended early and he'd be home in 10 minutes.  I really wanted Olive to be in on the announcement so I was torn.  He got home and said he was exhausted and thought about taking a nap.  Perfect!  He napped and I changed Olive into her Big Sister outfit.  They were both awake and it was go time.  I sent Olive out in her new outfit and told Kevin I wanted him to see her new clothes.  He thought she looked adorable and then said, "Whoa - what???  Olive's going to be a big sister.  Way to go, Whit!"  It's true... Olive's going to be a big sister!  We all hugged and talked about the baby.  Then Olive got really sick that night and was sick all weekend.  We took turns taking care of her, but it was a quick jump back to reality of the demands of parenthood.

My sister:
Olive and I had some time to kill during the day on Friday so we baked our favorite cookies - chocolate chip.  We got into town in time to have dinner with friends and then I made plans to stop by my sister's house.  She was busy working on several projects so I assured her we would be quick.  Olive was tired so she stayed in the car with Kevin.  I ran in and said hellos, visited for a minute and then handed my sister a bag of cookies.  I said, "These are from the FOUR of us!" and gave her a package of four chocolate chip cookies.  She was excited and so were her oldest two kids.

My parents:
We were staying with my parents for the weekend and anxious waited for them to get home from their dinner group.  Olive was in her pjs and up later than usual.  Mimi & Papaw finally got home.  We visited for a few minutes and then I said I'd promised Olive they would read her one final bedtime story.  They all sat down, Olive on their laps and she was holding a book titled "I'm a Big Sister!"  So they get situated at turn the book over to read it.  They read the title and say WHAT!?!?  I assure them it's true and then give them some quick details.  Olive is slightly confused by all the commotion.  She picks up her book and hands it to Mimi since they'd forgotten they were supposed to be reading it to her.  My mom read it and I told my Dad I was due on his birthday with their grand baby #9.  They were pleasantly surprised and excited for us.

Our friends and other siblings:
We came out and told them Olive was going to be a Big Sister or texted them a picture of Olive in her new Big Sister outfit.  Everyone was really excited.  Olive even said, "I big sister!" for some people.

My in-laws:
We made plans to have dinner and watch the ND game with my in-laws.  We headed to their house last Saturday night.  Olive was wearing a hoodie to hide her Big Sister shirt because we wanted to make sure Kevin's parents were together when we told them.  Olive was excited to see them and their cats and was going to great lengths to tell them about a traumatic paci incident from that morning.  We were at Cracker Barrel, she dropped her paci in the parking lot, I didn't notice for a while, finally turned around to go and get it.  Only to have a car drive over it, smashing it into a million pieces right in front of her.  She's talked about it for DAYS.  Anyways, we take the hoodie off and she goes back to talk to her grandparents.  My MIL noticed it first and said "Is Olive going to be a big sister??"  Yes, it's true.  They were super excited for us and Olive moved on to play with her toys.

This was the way we told all of our friends & family on-line

We had a great time sharing our news with everyone this week.
Thank you for your well wishes and sweet words.


  1. Love, love, love! So much happy news for everyone. So exciting friend.

  2. I love that you included the cats in your announcement lineup. I can see myself doing that, since I ask them "did you have a nice day?" every night when I come home. Ha! Love Kevin's response of "Way to go, Whit!" :) So sweet! Paul calls me Whit, too. It was fun to read all your stories!

  3. Yall had so much fun with it! We were boring this time I think, partly because there was no time or opportunity to do something entertaining for immediate family- we were kind of on the spot immediately!! hah

  4. So so so cute!!! I love all of these sweet stories! Beyond exciting for everyone!! :)

  5. As a new reader and fan of yours, I'm excited to watch your family grow, to see you as a Mommy to an newborn. I love the cookie announcement. Such a fun tasty way to spread the news.

  6. So fun! All this baby fever *kinda* makes me want another...ehhh

  7. Thanks so much for taking the time to share the goods news with us.. Wonderful time of life and we are so happy to be a part of it...Hope Olive finally got over her loss of the orange pacie...She was so cute and being so excited about the kitty picture which wasn't...Happy, wonderful, and exciting times...ENJOY AND RELISH IN THEM....

  8. This was so cute! I'm so happy for you all!

  9. Congratulations! It was fun reading all of the ways you told everyone. I thought the cookies were a great idea. It sounds like your family is really excited for you!

  10. Such a sweet post! Also hopped over and read your one from 2012. . .I actually found out I was pregnant with Kane on October 2nd of that year and had to wait all day for Chauncey to get home from work. Love this and am soooo excited for you guys!!!

  11. "Way to go, Whit." Gah, I love men, hahaha.

  12. So exciting!!! I loved the pumpkin picture-just precious. It is always so fun announcing a pregnancy!


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