Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Toddler Shoes

I'm in the market for some new shoes for Olive.  Her feet are growing like crazy and she's outgrown most shoes we have.  I bought her a pair of rain boots for a crazy good deal of $10 at Meijer recently and picked up some black patent Mary Janes on sale at Kohls for dressier occasions.

Now I need some suggestions on your favorite, casual shoes for kids.
I'm talking play shoes, tennis shoes or running around type of shoes.

I've checked out Stride Rite's website,
looked at Old Navy and Target.
I like the look of them, but Stride Rite is pricey,
Old Navy seems to not have many tennis shoe options
and Target tennis shoes for toddlers are SO HEAVY.

I don't want to spend a ton,
but I'd be happy to invest in some nice shoes for her to wear all winter. 
Do you have any secrets for finding great shoe deals or shoe coupons?

Thank you for your help!!

I love the look of these New Balance shoes for her both the lace up and the velcro option.

The thought of velcro is enticing and I love the colors of the Saucony shoes.

We liked Olive's pink chucks so I'm thinking of checking out the velcro option or another color other than pink since she's about to outgrow them.
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  1. We have the Sauconys for my toddler and I LOVE them. I got them on for $25 with free shipping.

  2. I just ordered the pink laceless/velcro chucks for Lawter this morning from $21.99 with free 2nd day shipping). We also have a cute pair of silver glittery slip ons from Walmart that are $10 and great day care shoes.

  3. I just bought Jack a pricey pair of Nike's for his everyday tennis shoes. I got tired of buying shoes for cheaper and them causing blisters or wearing down too fast. Boys are much easier so I can get by with one nice pair of Nike's and just use hand me down shoes for outside play. We still have our dress shoes and boots, but we only need one nice pair of tennis shoes so why not pay a little more.

  4. Lucas currently is wearing the saucony sneakers in navy and I'm not a fan unfortunately. The Velcro doesn't close all the way to the other side when he wears socks so it makes it look like the shoe is too small even though it isn't. His foot grows like crazy so I'm having him wear them until he grows out of them which at this pace will be next week! Lol I bought for him a pair of Adidas and converse sneakers in the next size up which are repurchases of shoes he had when he was smaller. I highly recommend converse! They're a lot cheaper on too.

  5. We have Saucony's in a 5 right now and I have gingham New Balance in a 6 for her that tie when she needs them. We love the sparkle toms too - she wears those everywhere!

  6. Everything you said at the beginning is me when it comes to shoes for C. I did score a pair of Saucony's from Stride Rite for a good price but struggle everywhere else. I found a pair of VANS from Kohl's and they are good but I'm on the hunt for something that's a bit dresser.

  7. I have a local FB group of moms that resells stuff, so we get most of Olivia's shoes for $3-5 on that - the stride right ones have been awesome. They seem super comfy, Olivia puts them on herself. BUT the $22 kitty shoes from Target are her FAVORITE. They aren't as comfy, but she does not care. I have gone to a million targets to find more and they are all gone. I dont know what we'll do once "kitty shoes" no longer fit. I'll bring her these super cute boots I bought and she'll say "no mama. kitty shoes." So ... no advice .. except I've just learned to buy the ones Olivia picks out, because it isn't a battle to get her to wear them :)

  8. We get a lot of Amelia's shoes at Nordstrom Rack. If you don't have a store nearby they get some good deals online too.


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