Friday, March 17, 2023

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  And Happy St Patrick's Day!

I'm lucky to have such fun blog friends and am glad you're checking in today.  We've had a good week.  Everyone is excited for the weekend since we've all been dragging with the time change.

Did you catch my blog posts this week?

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Easy Rainbow Snack Board - perfect after school snack.

Rainbow Charcuterie Dinner Board - a family favorite any time!

Now on to the highlights of my week:

1 // Lucky to love you

I made my kids these fun rainbow cups for St. Patrick's Day.  The kids loved waking up to find them this morning with a note that said lucky to love you.  We've been eating Lucky Charms all week and I've got an Irish charcuterie board planned for dinner tonight.  They're all decked out in matching St Patty's Day t-shirts today.  I'll have to come back and add in a picture of them.

2 // Rainbow Foods

I made as many rainbow foods as I could this week!  An after school snack board and a rainbow charcuterie dinner boards!  If you want specifics on them, click on the blog post links at the top of the post or comment with your questions.  My family loved both of these meals!

3 // Leprechaun Trap

Fletcher's first grade class was tasked with creating leprechaun traps this week.  He worked hard on his with trap doors, hidden gold, marshmallows and something fun or funny on every side.  He was so excited to bring it to school this week.

But now I'm wondering - why does my 6 year old look like a teenager here??

4 //  March front porch

My front porch is all decked out for St. Patrick's Day.  I'll move on to tulips and Easter next with some birthday fiesta decor in between.

5 // Jordan Bakery Box

I got some fun orders for rainbow M&M cookies and Sourdough Chocolate Chip cookies this week.  Two of my favorite cookies!

6 // SLIDE

I was doing dishes after dinner and I hear Leo yelling SLIDE SLIDE.  I went to find him only to realize he was trying to use my bed as a slide for his SCOOTER.  Sweet boy needs a bodyguard.  He followed this up by falling down our stairs and a few other wild and crazy moments.  I really can't take my eyes off of him at this point in his life.

7 // Snuggles

Leo is busy all of his waking hours, but he wanted me to rock him to sleep a couple of times this week.  He demanded snuggles and I was happy to say yes.

8 // Dr Seuss Day

We were invited to a Dr. Seuss Day program for the entire first grade.  The classes worked hard to learn songs and then worked hard in their individual classrooms with some reader's theater plays.  We got to see both.  Fletcher surprised us by memorizing all of his lines instead of reading them.  The majority of the class read their lines so we didn't know what to think about him walking up to the microphone with no paper.  He was so confident.  And had zero worries about forgetting his lines.  We were so proud of him!

He said he wants to be a Youtuber and get lots of likes.  Haha.

Fletch doesn't love singing and performing, but he was so cute on stage.  After the craziness of the past few years, I am so thankful for the return of programs, specials, parents in the schools and all the things that make school so wonderful. 

9 // Fiddle Leaf Fig help

My big fiddle leaf fig plants in the entryway of our house have gotten so big and droopy.  I asked my dad to make me some plant stakes to help fix my problem.  I'm still on the hunt for the perfect mirror or art for this spot, but I refuse to settle for something I don't love, so it'll stay blank a little while longer.

Before - droopy and hitting the door.
After - tall and supported.  The leaves almost reach the top of the door trim now!

10 // Chilly Midwest

The cold temps are back in the Midwest, but the sun has been shining.  I snapped this gorgeous picture in our backyard when the kids were playing one evening.  We are enjoying more sunlight in the evenings even if we are all dragging in the mornings.

11 // Family Fun

We had a delicious dinner to celebrate our niece/cousin's recognition for good grades.  The kids love Addison.  I was too busy watching Leo to snap and people pictures or dessert pictures, but I did get a shot of our delicious dinner.

12 // My sidekick

Leo goes almost everywhere with me.  Sometimes it goes perfectly smoothly and other times it feels like chaos.  We had highs and lows in the sidekick department this week.  He was perfect for errands and hard at my doctor's appointment.  Great at Bible study and hard leaving the house when he didn't get to do every single thing by himself.  Win some.  Lose some.  

Moms of littles - you aren't alone if your days feels chaotic and unpredictable and wonderful all at the same time.  I'm right there with you.  Make those appointments and do those errands.  It'll be okay.  And bonus points to the people you interact with that smile and hold the door for you because they can see that you could use a hand.  That give your kid two Target stickers instead of one and make their day.  Or the ones who are extra patient and wait while you scoop your toddler up from the ground in a parking lot.  Those stories are all funny by the time the evening rolls around even if they leave you in tears or frustrated during the day.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  See you back here on Monday!

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  1. Oh how I miss all the fun elementary school activities!!

  2. Those rainbow cups are so cute! Loved hearing about your week. Leo is so cute - love that he’s your sidekick. Did I ever tell you Henry broke his arm when he was two? TWICE. He was my stunt kid as well. Oy, those years are busy busy!

  3. I love your entryway table! You have it decorated so perfectly - it makes such a nice statement for anyone coming through your door. Love that you're holding out for just the right mirror. Those can be super pricey so it's smart to wait for one that's really worth it. Thanks for your encouragement in #12. <3


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