Thursday, March 30, 2023

7th Birthday Recap

Fletcher had the best birthday yesterday.  I don't normally post on Thursdays, but I wanted to make sure this recap landed in my March archives.  The weather was gorgeous and his day was simple and sweet!  It's such a fun time of year for a birthday.  Especially when it falls over Spring Break.

We woke up and opened gifts bright and early.  Fletcher is an early bird and insists on getting dressed to get ready for the day as soon as he wakes up every day.  Ignore the Christmas wrapping paper :)  I really only buy the reversible Christmas paper from Sams.  He loved the red and white stripe.  But he really loved his new bike.

He got a tent for the climbing dome, some new pjs, a putting game and a few other things.  He was super sweet and let Leo help him unwrap his gifts.

I made him his favorite canned cinnamon rolls from Aldi in the shape of a 7.  He was thrilled!  It was such an easy breakfast that he loved so much.

We hopped onto campus to surprise Kevin with a quick visit.  The kids were cracking up making a plan to knock on his door.  They walked in and said they were interested in applying for his psychology program.  We all loved the quick visit.

We ran some routine errands and Fletcher got to pick lunch.  He landed on Jason's Deli.  The kids ordered their favorite meals and couldn't wait to get their own ice cream.  They were all well behaved and acted like such big kids.  They helped me with Leo when I went to the salad bar.  It was a genuinely enjoyable lunch out with just me and the kids.  That felt like a big kid/parenting milestone for sure!

We did grocery pick up and Fletcher got to pick our spot - #7 just seemed right for the day.  I was surprised at how much he loved making these little decisions throughout the day.  It was a good reminder for me that extra attention and love go a long way.

Fletcher was born at 11:47am so I set an alarm on my phone for exactly that time.  I told him I couldn't wait to give him a big squeeze on his exact birthday.  Kevin called at the same time.  I gave him a big squeeze and snapped a selfie.  He loved it.  I was glad he was home to get a squeeze and all the extra love on his birthday.

I got major flashbacks to 2016 and one of our first selfies together.  Fletcher was just an hour or two old.  He was the sweetest chunk of a baby.  He was so calm and happy and snuggly.  I couldn't believe he was almost 10lbs.  He was born just before lunch.  Olive came in the afternoon to meet him and I was ready to go home.  He was my easiest delivery and recovery.

Back to 2023...  Kevin's schedule surprisingly cleared in the afternoon so he got to hurry home to do some bike riding lessons in the backyard.  It was such a nice day!  Fletcher requested Panda Express for dinner so we ate and played some more.

We played with friends and the kids all worked on their bike skills.  Fletcher requested my chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  I make a cookie tower and Leo was fully convinced all the excitement was for him.  Next week is your turn, Leo.

We ended the day by telling Fletcher one thing we each loved about him.  He said it was a great day and he felt really special.  Win-win!  We love you, Fletcher!

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  1. What a special day. It's so nice when the kids get to spend the day at home on their birthdays! I'm super excited that Grace will be home this year for her 21st birthday!


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