Monday, January 23, 2023

Free Fun at the Library

Do you have a current library card?

Our library requires you to update them every 2 years to keep them current to check out materials.  I think that has been true for our past several city libraries.

A library card is free as long as you live in the same county as your library.

I want to encourage you today to get a library card!

There are so many free things for kids and adults through the library.

We go to our library regularly to get books and play.  They offer free craft kits to take home and do.  They often have scavenger hunts in the kid's department.  You play and enter in your game board for the drawing.  Olive actually won a few months ago and got free books to keep.

I love to be able to reserve books online for myself and for the kids.  This is really helpful if your kids are reading a series and they want to read the books in order.  It's tricky to just walk into the library and hope they have the next book your child wants.  It's so handy - you check out everything online and then you walk right up to the reserved section and can quickly check out your books.

There are story times, after school book clubs, events and speakers.  Our library has a busy calendar every month.  And you can borrow books to read on your kindle for free through Libby and Hoopla.

Most recently we checked out some new DVDs to watch in the car.  That would be fun to do before a trip.  And we have checked out a WiFi hotspot to take with us on vacation.  All for free.  It just took a little planning ahead to reserve it for the time of our trip.

The kids love playing at our library.  They rotate the toys and themed play options often.  We have played at a grocery store, laundry mat, game station and a camp site.  I bring a book to read and they play.  They love visiting the art tables, too.

The Crafts at Home kits are so cute.  They come with almost everything you need and great instructions.  The kids loved doing this paper weaving pumpkin.  They have also made robots, polar bears, snowmen and more.

If you want to have holiday books to read to your kids, but don't want spend the money each holiday, the library can help!  I love checking out holiday books for free.

There are so many neat things to see and do and learn through the library!  I hope this encourages you to visit your local library ASAP.  There really is something for everyone.


  1. My son is grown now, but we did all kinds of programs at the library when he was younger. AND with the libby app you can do free audio books which is amazing!

  2. We love our library!!!

  3. We love our library too! My daughter is 8, and she has her own card and loves to check books out. It's fun free place to go to with the kiddos, especially during the summer months!

  4. Agreed! The libraries are such happy places!


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