Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Don't Forget to RSVP

Has your child ever brought home a birthday invitation from a classmate or friend?

It's customary at many schools today to invite the whole class or to go through social media to extend invitations to friends.

I want to encourage you to make sure that you RSVP ASAP.  This eliminates the possibility of forgetting to RSVP or for the invitation to get lost in a stack of papers.

Do your best to try to attend the party if your child is close to that classmate or friend.  But if you cannot make it to the party, be sure to let the parents know right away.  It breaks my heart to think about kids inviting their class to a party and no one showing up.  Parties are expensive and if you do not RSVP they will likely still count you in for the food or favor totals just in case your child comes.

Most RSVP can be done by text or email or Facebook RSVP and do not require much time at all.

Olive got invited to a couple of parties so far this year.  One we could not attend so I emailed the parent.  Another one was from a classmate that she did not know well so I texted our RSVP.  And then another I texted to work out the details after Olive gave her friend my number.

Fletcher's invitation came home in his school folder and asked that we text to RSVP.

Each time I sent my RSVPs the parents were so appreciative.  Even if we couldn't make it to the party.  

It is courteous and polite to give a reply when someone is expecting a response.

So if you get invited to a party, and an RSVP is requested, do not ignore it.

Fletcher at his friend's bowling birthday party.  He really enjoyed shopping for her and loved celebrating with his buddies.  The host provided drinks, pizza, cupcakes and bowling so I'm glad that we RSVP'd ahead of time to let her know we would be there.

Do you have any RSVPs that need your attention today?


  1. YES! Just RSVP either way! Makes it so much easier for the host!

  2. Yes to RSVP's! It's kind of shocking how many people don't do this.

  3. I remember a couple times I didn't get RSVP's from a few classmates who we didn't know well and when I made a courtesy call to make sure they'd received the invite, we discovered they hadn't! I was so happy they didn't get left out!


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