Friday, September 30, 2022

September Favorites

Happy Friday!  I can't believe that tomorrow is October!  The days are flying by and I'm just hoping we have some really gorgeous Fall weather in the coming weeks.  We've got 3 Fall Festivals, family pictures and lots of fun planned for the coming weeks.

The best parts of September were:

1 // My Fall Porch!  My ferns still look great so I just added in a wreath, rug and some fake pumpkins!  I found these white pumpkins at Target.  They are really affordable and seem like great quality.  Like if your toddler picks one up and throws it, they won't break.  Ask me how I know :)

2 // School!  We've gotten several opportunities to go to school with our older kids.  We had so much fun making salt dough maps of Indiana (4th grade), meeting their classmates and learning all about corn from Fletcher (1st grade).  Fletch has been researching corn, farming and corn products all month long.  It was sweet to see him present his research and share corn snacks with us.

3 // New friends!  We invited some new friends over for dinner.  I love using these plates and napkins for a Fri-Yay dinner with friends.  You know you might have met a compatible family friend when they show up with a hostess gift for me (a plant!) and the cutest pumpkin shaped cheese ball.  Could she love holiday food as much as me??  We all had a fun evening!

4 // Farmland.  We've been anxiously waiting to see when the farmer is ready to harvest the field behind us.  I really hope we're home to see the excitement.  Leo will lose his mind with all that cool farm equipment.  So until that happens, we will enjoy the view!

5 // Classic M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies have been my most popular Jordan Bakery Box order this month.  October will be full Halloween mode for my bakery.

6 // Weekend Adventures with Dad.  Kevin loves to take the big kids out on an errand on Sundays when Leo naps.  They often land at Meijer to get their favorite drinks.  PSL hot or frap for Olive and a slurpy drink for Fletcher.  Those should be good clues for their Halloween costumes.

7 // Dress up week at school!  The kids had a blast with Hat Day, Favorite team, Yellow Day (Olive won the prize in her class for the most yellow thanks to her painted nails, bracelets we made and all the accessories) and Pajama Day.  Fletcher participated some, but wasn't as into it as Olive was.

8 // Exercising with Leo!  Our daily walks have been extra exciting with pine cones falling, caterpillars, butterflies, cooler temps and lots of neighbors out.

9 // TJ Maxx haul!  I had a great trip to TJ Maxx this week.  I found some cute turkeys (which isn't always easy), found something for a friend, a few gifts and this cute flannel shacket.  I loved it and Leo kept pointing to me and saying PAPAW!  I guess he thinks it looks like something my Dad would wear.  I ignored his review and got it anyway!

10 // Protein is always my trickiest lunch box item.  My kids have been loving these turkey sausage crumbles from Jimmy Dean.  They eat them cold with cheese cubes.  The only place I have been able to find them locally is Target.  Did you catch my Napkin Notes post earlier this week?

11 // LOTS of Leo snuggles.

12 // These 3!  They're wild and crazy and I love them tons.

In case you're curious about our days, read my Day in the Life post from earlier this week.

13 // I used to love gardening until this happened.  Fletcher went out to get the mail and screamed that he'd seen a snake.  We figured he was mistaken, but nope.  In all my years of gardening, this is my first snake encounter.  Please send me all the turtles and bunnies and keep the snakes away.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I'll be back here on Monday :)

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  1. September flew by so fast, it seems! Yay for all the fall festiveness ahead!! Your porch looks amazing! I need to get some of those faux pumpkins. Eeek! Snakes are terrifying. I had one in my chicken coop the other day and had to run across two acres to get Nate because I forgot my phone! I can't do snakes!!

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  3. I loved the comment "Leo will lose his mind" when the corn is harvested! Maybe the farmer will let him ride in the combine? We farm in NW Ohio. I am patiently waiting for the corn to be harvested around our home so that I can see down the road again. My husband says it will be the end of the month:-(

  4. kids had Gap hats just like that when they were little. Yea for finding a friend to invite for dinner! The snake...yikes! We have a lot of snakes, mostly harmless, but I still scream when I see one! Have a wonderful week!

  5. Did you catch its tongue! Yikes! I dread reaching my hand into the garden and having a snake surprise me. Yuck!


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