Friday, September 23, 2022

Friday Favorites

Hey Friends!  I hope you've had a good week.  We did.  We ended up having some fun, some last minute changes and some unexpected things come up.  We are in the middle of several house projects.  One got finished this week and the others are slated for the coming weeks.  I don't love it when we have to pivot our plans, but we figured things out and make the most of our week.  

My favorite parts of the week were:

1 // It's been the perfect walking weather!  Leo is my favorite walking buddy every day.  We have only missed one day of exercising this month.  The skies were full of planes and the grasshoppers were busy this week.

2 // Claw Clips are back!  I wore claw clips in junior high and high school and Olive informed me that they're the coolest "new" thing.  These are definitely cuter than the ones I wore so we grabbed a pack on Amazon.  She loves to wear them like this.  We gifted some to friends and kept some for ourselves.  This pack of 8 were just $9.97 on Amazon and the quality is great.  There are 3 different sets and they are all so cute.  They worked perfect on my hair and my 9 year old's hair.  These clips are much pricer in stores so I was thrilled to find this deal on Amazon.  Here are my links:



3. Department Picnics.  We love kicking off the Fall semester - our first one in Evansville - with back to school activities.  Kevin's department hosted a yummy dinner picnic and I was in charge of UE themed cookies.  They turned out great and all of the college kids seemed to appreciate a homemade treat.  I love all planning all of the details for a party.

4. My Summer flower pots are really showing off this time of year.  I am thinking of skipping buying Fall flowers and just enjoy these pretty pots.  Maybe I will save my money for Spring flowers and landscaping next year!?

5. Now that it's officially Fall, I got out our Halloween decorations.  I am feeling the urge to pair down my holiday decor a little more every year.  I want to just keep my very favorite pieces.  I love decorating our mantle and a few shelves, my front porch and my entry way table.  So you'll see a little bit of holiday here and there, but not everywhere.  I love swapping out our snack plates for holiday ones.  I've collected cute Halloween ones over the years that we all enjoy using.

My holiday decor is collected over the years, but I found some super similar things online for you in case you need a few new things for Fall.  Here are a few of my Amazon links that caught my eye:


 6. Happy Birthday Krissy!  We had fun celebrating Krissy turning 10 at her kitty party.

7 // Nana turns 86!  Kevin's Nana tuned 86 this week and we had a great time celebrating her.  She's wonderful and I can only hope that I could be just like her when I'm 86.  She's always cooking, hosting, gathering family, decorating for the holidays and feeding her favorite people.  She is happiest when everyone around her is well fed and loved.  She's also a wonderful gardener!  We are lucky to have her.

8 // Making Friends - did you read my post earlier this week The Trick to Making New Friends?  I loved reading all of your comments and messages on that post.  We are all working hard to make new friends.  Olive got to celebrate one of her school besties last weekend.  She had the best time!  And came home with a DIY sugar scrub that she made herself.

9 // Perfect Weather!  We're outside as much as possible!  Leo loves to scooter and Fletcher brought everything outside so he could do some painting.  It was really sweet.

10 // I love this toddler phase when they start lining things up.  Leo lines up cars all day long.  He didn't feel great later in the week and it was so sad.  Hopefully he'll be back to his crazy toddler self soon.

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 I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  See you back here on Monday!

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  1. Nana’s coleus is gorgeous!! What a fun week. Tell Olive I love her taste in claw clips. Havalah has a couple and they always look so cute on her. Your fall decorations are so cute, Whitney!

  2. Love the claw clips. Your potted plants are still going strong! We are expected to cool off a little at the end of next week. The news said it has been the hottest September in Houston in 17 years!

  3. Happy birthday to your Nana! It's funny how things come back into fashion again eventually and then they're the 'new' thing.

  4. Walking weather is the best! What are the temps like there right now? I am loving the claw clip life! Why did I ever stop using these?! lol! Every year I say that I'm going to decorate for Halloween and I never do! I guess I just love my fall decor too much! I love your Halloween pieces! I hope Nana had the best birthday!


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